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A plant has many parts. They are Roots Stem Branches Leaf Flower Fruit Parts of a plant

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Parts of a plant

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Types of Plants Trees Shrubs Herbs Climbers Creepers

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Trees Big and tall plants are called trees. They have thick wooden trunks. They live for many years. Ex: Mango Tree, Banyan Tree, Neem Tree, Coconut Tree.

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Trees Banyan Tree Coconut tree

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Trees Eucalyptus tree Mango tree

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Trees Neem tree

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Trees Peepal tree

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Shrubs A shrub is small and bushy plant. It has many hard branches. Some shrubs are useful to us. Shrubs live for many years. Ex: Rose plant, Cotton plant.

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Shrubs Cotton plant Rose plant

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Herbs Herbs are very small and thin plants. They have weak stems. Herbs only live for a few months. Ex: Brinjal, Spinach, Coriander

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Herbs Brinjal Spinach

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Herbs Coriander Banana plant

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Climbers They are weak plants. They can’t stand straight and need support. They grow upwards on the support. They have thin, long and green stems. Ex: Pea, Beans

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Climbers Peas Beans

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Creepers They also have thin, weak stems. They grow along the ground. Ex: Pumpkin, Water- melon

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Creepers Pumpkin Water-melon

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Thorny Plants Cactus Rose plant

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Water Plant Lotus

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Useful plants Plants give us cereals( grains). Rice Wheat Maize

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Useful plants Plants give us vegetables.

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Useful plants Plants give us fruits.

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Useful plants We get spices from plants.

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Useful plants We get oil from plants.

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Useful plants We get tea & coffee from plants.

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Useful plants We get wood from plants.

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Useful plants We get fibres from plants.

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Useful plants We get fibres from plants.

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Useful plants We get medicines from plants.

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We get rubber, paper and gum from plants .

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Plants make the air fresh and fit for us to breathe.

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The different parts of a plant give us different kinds of food. We eat the roots of some plants. Radish Turnip Carrots

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We eat stems of some plants. Potato Ginger Sugarcane

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We eat the seeds of some plants. Rajma Peas Maize

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We eat the leaves of some plants. Spinach Lettuce Cabbage

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We eat the fruits of some plants. Mangoes Bananas Oranges

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We eat flowers of some plants. Cauliflower Banana Broccoli

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Presented by Ms. Rekha V PRT K. V. Ambarnath 2009-10

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