Piles Treatment in Chennai

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Are you searching suffering from piles?. Are you searching for the best piles treatment in chennai?. Get our state of the art treatment for hemorrhoids at the Chennai Laser Gastro Clinic and experience a treatment that is pain free and that 24 hours recovery. Visit: http://chennailasergastro.com


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Piles Treatment in Chennai:

Piles Treatment in Chennai

Piles treatment in chennai is now PAIN FREE:

Piles treatment in chennai is now PAIN FREE Piles treatment in chennai is now PAIN FREE Experience the revolution of laser piles surgery at the best piles hospital in chennai . We are a premiere specialty hospital for Piles treatment in chennai We believe and we are on our way to become the best hospital for piles treatment in chennai .

Why Choose Us:

Why Choose Us Quick Recovery Pain Less Procedure 24/7 Medical Support Fast Discharge 98% Success Rate Day Care Procedure Scar Free Certified Consultants German Technology

What are piles? How to prevent piles?:

What are piles? How to prevent piles? What are piles? Piles are nothing but swollen blood vessels found in the anus or rectal region. They can cause pain and bleeding. Piles left untreated can also be itchy and painful in nature. What not to eat in Piles? Avoid food that is protein rich. Avoid bakery products. Eat lots of fibers , fruits, and vegetables. Allowing smooth bowel motion and preventing constipation is a key step in the prevention of piles in general . What shrinks piles? A sitz bath!. Sit in a tub filled with warm water for 15 minutes every day after clearing your bowel. This is well-accepted pile treatment strategy.

What are piles? How to prevent piles?:

What are piles? How to prevent piles? Is banana good for piles? Definitely. Take 2 or 3 bananas every day on an empty stomach to prevent piles. Does exercise prevent piles? Regular exercise or brisk walking done every day for 30 minutes helps improve bowel movements and thereby lower symptoms of piles. Do piles go away on their own? Small hemorrhoids may resolve with increased water intake and dietary modifications. Larger hemorrhoids that prolapse or come out of the anus require piles treatment

How do we offer our piles treatment in chennai ?:

How do we offer our piles treatment in chennai ? As one of the premier and best hospital for piles treatment in chennai , we always start with a simple history taking and rectal exam by our trained piles doctor. Were possible we always avoid pile surgery and prefer a medical route of management. In case the piles is very large, a simple laser piles surgery can solve your piles problem. You will recover in less than 24 hours and can go home. After the treatment, taking a regular sitz bath is best recommended.

Services Offered:

Services Offered

Piles if left untreated can kill your quality of life:

Piles if left untreated can kill your quality of life In a busy metro city like chennai , our day to day living becomes so rampant that we forget to take care of health. Piles is frequently caused by poor dietary habits, chronic constipation and prolonged sitting and lack of exercise. A bleeding pile can result if piles is not corrected in early stages of disease progression in general. While piles treatment, in general, is not something you should worry too much about, you should get your piles treatment in chennai at the earliest, before the piles problem destroys your health Just my two thoughts!.

What are the various causes of piles?:

What are the various causes of piles ? What are the symptoms of piles? Piles can affect any age group but are most common in the elderly and during pregnancy It may be inherited just like varicose veins Extreme abdominal pressure causes the veins to swell as in obesity, standing or sitting for long periods, straining on the toilet by people with chronic constipation. Chronic cough and sneezing, lifting of heavy weights regularly may all lead to increased abdominal pressure and swelling of rectal veins. Dietary factors also play a role in piles. Low fiber diet and less fluid intake predispose people to constipation or hard formed stools leading to straining at stools. The hard stools irritate the walls of the veins and the straining while evacuating cause them to engorge. This ultimately leads to piles problem. Piles are notorious and they cause a variety of different symptoms as follows : Mass protruding through anus may be present Pain in the anal region caused due to irritation of the prolapsed mass Bleeding per rectum


PILES TREATMENT Symptomatic treatments: Locally applied anesthetic gels or cream will help ease the pain. Oral painkillers will also help . Sitz bath twice or thrice a day may help relieve the inflammation . Laxatives are prescribed to relieve constipation and soften the stools . however, the above-mentioned piles treatment will not help you get rid of the problem in the long run. Permanent treatment for piles:  Piles operation : It is known as haemorrhoidectomy.Internal or external piles which are causing symptoms are removed surgically. It is mainly of two types, the conventional method, and the newer stapler method . The method chosen by the surgeon will depend on the grade of piles.The operation involves removal of the engorged hemorrhoids and repositioning the remaining normal tissue back into the anal canal . It takes about 2-4 weeks for the area to heal completely.The person may experience some local irritation and pain during the period.Mild to moderate amount of bleeding also may persist for a few weeks.It is advised to wear a pad to avoid soiling of clothes. A regular sitz bath is also important to promote faster healing . The doctor will prescribe you oral painkillers and laxatives during the postoperative recovery period so as to avoid straining at stools .


Laser treatment for piles Laser beams are used to coagulate or cauterize the piles.The laser beam by creating a tiny burn seals the end of hemorrhoid and leads to its shrinkage. piles treatment in chennai | piles doctor in chennai The benefits of laser treatment are that it is less painful, there is a lesser amount of bleeding and the postoperative recovery time is shorter when compared to piles operation. The duration of hospital stay is also less in case of laser treatment for piles is done. Success rates of piles treatment and laser treatment for piles approach 95% but unless dietary and lifestyle changes are made, piles may recur. Bleeding piles treatment in Chennai: Bleeding piles is a very real medical emergency. Sometimes in a busy city like chennai , where the climate is warm and when you are seated for a long time stuck in traffic or travel and if you have an existing pile…bleeding may occur spontaneously. In this scenario, you should visit a piles doctor in chennai at the earliest for a treatment to prevent large blood loss. How can recurrence of piles be prevented? Here are 4 quick tips to prevent piles recurrence. High fiber diet so as to prevent constipation Drinking plenty of water helps to form soft stools Regular exercise so as to keep weight under check Avoid prolonged hours of sitting or standing


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