Facts about Indian Food You Probably Didn't Know

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Indian food is something we all love to eat but how much do you know about the history of Indian food. This article comprises some interesting facts related to Indian food which you might not even know.


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Facts about Indian Food You Probably Didnt Know Indian food is something we all love to eat but how much do you know about the history of Indian food. This article comprises some interesting facts related to Indian food which you might not even know. Before turning into an art of culinary expertise Indian food was all about Rasas and Doshas. Rasa means taste in Sanskrit and it is a balance or misbalance of these tastes that correct or cause the Doashas three substances present in a person’s body.

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In short whatever one eats is believed to be the cause and cure of all ailments. Thus food has been as much an art as science in our culture which revolves around a delightful culinary tradition. Generally the Indian food is categorized into six kinds of tastes: Sweet Madhura Salty Lavana Sour Amala Pungent Katu Bitter Tikta and Astringent Kasya. Here are some interesting facts about the best Indian food: 1. Samso a existed as Sambosa in the Middle East whereas Gulab Jamun existed in Mediterranean region by the name of Luqmat al Qadimuch long before it came to India in the 13th and 14th century. 2. Daal Chawal or DaalBhaatis something we all have on a daily basis but you might not have an idea that this delicious dish is said to have originated in Nepal and not India. 3. Jalebi also originated in the Middle East and was known as Zabiyain Arabic or the Zalibiya in Persian. 4. Coffee was popularized by the British and was unknown to India before the sixteenth century. 5. Chicken Tikka Masala is the dish which has made Indian food famous all over the world but was actually invented in Scotland. 6. India is home to different varieties of spices in the world70 of spices in the world alone are produced in India. 7. The traditional Kashmiri cooking Wazwan shows strong Central Asian influence and the cooking technique is such that the spices are boiled and not fried. 8. Even saffron did not originate in India it was brought by Greek Arab and Roman traders. 9. Bengal may be the hub of Bandel cheese production but this Indian variety of cheese has been inspired by the Portuguese. 10. Naan is also said to have been brought by the Mughals and has Persian roots. 11. Rajma also do not have Indian origin it originally belongs to Mexico and is a staple there. 12. Staple ingredients like potato tomato and chili were also brought to India by the Portuguese. 13. India is also home to one of the hottest chilies in the world‘BhotJolokia’ which is also called ghost chili. It is widely grown in North Eastern area and is four hundred times hotter than the Tabasco Sauce. Source URL - https://yarabook.com/read-blog/4065_facts-about-indian-food-you-probably- didn-039-t-know.html

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Top South Indian Non-Vegetarian Dishes For Meat- Lovers South Indian cuisine is not limited to the famous vegetarian dishes like idli and dosa but it has also a variety of delicious non-vegetarian dishes. If you are a meat lover and searching for exclusive flavors then you must try these delicious delicacies served by the South Indian states. South India when you hear this term the first thing that pops up in your mind is Idli and Dosa. That is partially correct because South India is not about only Idlis Dosas or any other vegetarian delicacies it is a lot more than that. In fact according to a survey released by The Registrar General of India in 2014 most South Indian states are far ahead in terms of the number of non-vegetarians in comparison to the other regions of India. The Karimeen Fry of

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central Kerala to the offal dishes in and around Madurai to Coorg’s famous Pork Curry dominate the menus of restaurants here. From Telangana to Andhra Tamil Nadu to Kerala we will take you through some South India’s ultimate mouth-watering meat cuisines: 1. The Offal and Mutton Cuisines in Tamil Nadu Chennai might be Tamil Nadu’s capital but Madurai a city in Tamil Nadu is considered as the centre for the famous cuisines. Mutton especially offal dishes like Kola Urundai mutton balls is one of the rich culinary and ‘melts in your mouth’ dish. Meat has always been a crucial part of South Indians’ diet and it is continued in modern diets. 2. Kongunadu Chicken Coimbatore a city in the heart of Kongunad region of Tamil Nadu is one of the best places to taste delicious varieties of chicken dishes in South Indian style. The main thing that segregates South Indian culinary from other regions of India is the usage of ample spices and dried herbs that are used to give a special flavour to the dishes. Of course you would have tasted several chicken dishes of many cities different states but South India has something special and Pichu Potta Kozhi shredded chicken is considered as the special taste of city. This is cooked in typical Kongunad style with free-range chicken that makes this dish one of the delicious delicacies. 3. Kundapura Chicken Udupi and The Dakshin Kannada are the towns of Karnataka that are best known for Masala Dosa and evening snacks like the Mangalore bonda but these towns also serve as one of the must-try dishes for the non-vegetarians. The Kundapura Chicken Curry is best paired with Neer Dosa or the flaky Kori Roti made with rice flour. 4. The Fiery Guntur Style Kozhi Vepudu Marinated chicken is freshly combined with the ground spices and fiery Guntur chillies in this iconic Chicken dish. This is one of the most popular cuisines across the Andhra. Telangana’s Chicken Curry made with generous quantities of curry leaves pepper and coconut is equally famous amongst the meat-lovers.

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5. Hyderabad’s Biryani and Haleem Hyderabad’s Mutton Biryani is not only famous in the South Indian states but is quite popular across India. Although there are some other biryanis in Tamil Nadu i.e. Kozhikode Chicken Biryani and the spicier Ambur and Dindigul versions no other dish is as popular as Hyderabad’s Mutton Biryani and exquisite as Haleem are. This classic and ever-charming Biryani can be devoured at all times along with enjoying its delicious taste. Source URL- https://www.rainbowarticles.com/2019/05/30/top-south-indian-non-vegetarian- dishes-for-meat-lovers/

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