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After scanning thousands of reviews, we have discovered the best 10 designer kettles for you to buy, including the top 10 best affordable, best prices, even the most expensive ones.


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Perfect Cuppa 9 Best Kettle


Everyone in Britain needs a kettle, but there is also a lot about the priceless model that can be strange - from strange-to-loose lids that rival a jumbo jet for noise like that they come on boils.   We have information on the best kettles, including the Stovatop and Electric models, from speed and speed to good look, grip and easy to put in, all have been tested.   You can count on our independent reviews. We may earn some commission from some retailers, but we never agree this to affect selection, which are made from real-world testing, expert advice and reviews.


Dualit Domus Kettle This cute looking kettle is not cheap, but it is difficult to find anything wrong with it. There is not a lot of noise as well as there is a compact shape for 1.5Ltr kettle, the fastest boil model was the fastest one we tested. A chunky silicon handle and pure pickle is easy to lift and pour, and although you cannot fill it through a spout, a hedge lid that closes the click is a good touch. Measures of kettle in the cup, one of the windows filling on both sides of the body, the second in liters, and there is a minimum filler of one cup / 250 ml - just under a muffle - which boils in only 40 seconds.


Russell Hobbs Inspire Kettle There are tabs inside this nifty model, which show the fill level for 1, 2 and 3 cups - which means that you do not have to check to fill the window, and easily boil enough water for a drink. Although claiming that it can boil one cup in 45 seconds, we managed it rapidly in 30 seconds. An extracted plastic exterior means that the metal or glass kettle outside the kettle is not as hot, and the design is simple but smooth. A limescale filter also makes it suitable for harsh water areas.


Breville Impressions Kettle Reasonable-priced and available in four colors - Cream, White, Black and Red - This sturdy model is a solid and fast option. In fact, its quick-boil element made it the second fastest of all the kettles we tested. Although you have to manually remove the lid - there is no automatic button - it has 360-degree fit, unlike some of the other models we have tested, and a removable (if slightly rigid) limescale filter. The filling lines are easy to read, with numbers on both sides of the clear viewing panel, and with its long, slim design, chord storage makes it ideal for small kitchens, where space saving is the need of the day.


Smeg KLF04 Variable Temperature Kettle Although its price tag is slightly eye-watering, but the latest models of Smeg is extra enough to make your investment meaningful. Along with the classic retro Smeg style, this variable temperature kettle provides seven heat settings that make it ideal for making special tea like oolong. Use of keep-warm function effectively helps to stay at a temperature of 20 minutes, and its swipe, soft-opening lid means no splashing. Although it is the weighty of the kettles we tested, but also the fastest one, which caters to 1.7l boil in only three minutes. The only negative side is a cheerful / annoying beeping that comes with some of its functions, but you can close it.


Kenwood K-Mix ZJX750 We love the stylish design of this kettle of Kenwood, which is part of a coordinate range and comes in four colors, including Spicy Red. This is a great addition to any modern kitchen, and there is definitely little to complain about: There is a lid that flips in the touch of a button, a fill of minimum 250 ml, which it An economical choice and a strong handle and smooth pour. Although the cheapest we have not tested, and it would be easy if the filling windows were on the sides, then Kenwood is a trusted brand and this kettle will not disappoint you.


Beko WKD6306B Sense Temperature Control Kettle Although it has flaws, this model is a big price with a boiling function for a temperature-controlled kettle. To suit your chosen tea, choose from four settings - 40, 60, 80 and 100 degrees, and it will also keep water for 30 minutes at your chosen temperature. It is not the captivating kettle we have seen, it is difficult to read the fill window with a relatively large 600 ml minimum filler, and the filter is difficult to remove. But opening it, filling and lifting is easy, and boils faster, and for shade under £ 25, this is a deal.


ProCook Stovetop Kettle This stowtop kettle has a classic look and sound, with modern features that bring up your old-fashioned tea pot up to date. A soft touch handle and spout cover liver means that you can lift the kettle directly after boiling, and the spout is very large so that it is easy to insert. However, when it is completely heavy, its 2l capacity means that you can make a round of a huge tea at a time. You may be waiting for your cuppa sometime - when it is complete, it takes only nine minutes to get boil - but you will not have to wear kettle-watch due to the loud whistle.


VonShef 1.7l Glass Kettle VonShef 1.7l Glass Kettle - The glass body makes it easy to fill the kettle to the right level, and the 360 degree bass and the clear indicators on both sides make it good for the left or right hand. Although the glass gets very hot, the interior of blue light is a good touch and gives cool feeling, and it is one of the quick models we have tested.


Tower 1.7l Stainless Steel Kettle Although it's tempting, the 1.7l kettle he get everything a customer needs it: a sleek design, stainless steel exterior design, removable limescale filter, an easy-peat bottleneck element boil rapidly due to its price. It is lighter in lifting - which is also good for the user holding the weak grip - and is quite compact, with a cord which gives air in the base, making it work for small size kitchen and its flip-top Lid it makes it easy to fill - though the back window behind the handle is a bit difficult to see. But an enlightened power switch and 360 degree bass eliminate this lack of this all-rounder kettle.

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