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three types of research


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Types of researches Bergin.G

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1.Fundamental research 2.Applied research 3.Action research TYPES OF RESEARCH Broadly speaking, research can be classified into three

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1.Fundamental research Also called Basic research, Pure research Aim: To discover basic truths & laws Not concerned with day –to-day phenomena & problems. Purpose: To find solution to fundamental problems, major issues, universal laws & theories Approach : ‘Knowledge for knowledge sake’ Done out of mere curiosity An intellectual exploration An attempt to arrive at new discovery An improvement over an existing theory

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1.Fundamental research (conti..) carried out in a well-equipped lab.. Done mainly by experts in the field of psychology, sociology and philosophy Some examples : Researches concerning natural phenomenon, pure Maths and human behavior Results : Cannot be applied immediately in a field situation Contribute a lot to the long range advancement in science.

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1.Fundamental research (conti..) Demands higher level of problem procedures, tools, controls, analyses, etc. Examples: Kepler’s laws of planetary motion, Einstein’s theory of relativity & Franklin’s discovery of electricity . Examples in education: The concepts of – aims of educational values, role of activity in learning curriculum, motivation, reinforcement & concept formation.

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2. Applied Research (conti..) Also Called Field Research Purpose : To improve a product/process by testing theoretical concepts in actual problem situations. Has most of the characteristics of Fundamental Research including the sampling techniques, generalizing the findings. Concerned with testing of FR theories or laws in actual field setting. Example : Research in medicine Most of the educational researches are applied Research

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Problems faced by teachers, policy planners / administrators are solved through Applied Research. Example : usage of text books day-to-day testing parental co-operation improvement in examination system. library and lab facilities etc. 2. Applied Research (conti..)

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3. Action Research conducted by a person in order to enable him to achieve his purposes more effectively. approach : To encourage the teachers, administrators/ other practitioners to do research in order to improve themselves. purpose : To improve school practices. Focus : The Immediate application – not on general application. Similar to applied research in many ways. AR – immediately available small sample – to find solution to the immediate problem.

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Comparison of AR and other Researches

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Comparison of AR and other Researches

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