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The days can feel cold and lonely when you are missing someone.


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The Feeling of Missing Someone The days can feel cold and lonely when you are missing someone. They seem to drag on and on when you would rather they would pass by as effortlessly as they do when you are with that person. You feel like you are kind of stuck and you need the person in your life to set you free. It is remarkable how one person can make such a difference to your life and whether they are currently there or not can dictate the way that life feels for you. If you've ever been away from a loved one for months then you probably already know how difficult this can be. Some people have said that no matter how many times you do it, it never gets easier. If only missing someone would follow all the other rules in life! Alas it doesn't so each time the person goes away, you have to learn to cope with it all over again. This is a trend for people that have girlfriends or boyfriends that go away to study for university, often have work trips to other countries and cities or that work in the military. They find that it's a part of their relationship that feels very much like torture. How best to describe the feeling? Think of an empty feeling inside, the feeling of needing something but not being able to have it and of slight worry. Doesn't sound like much fun does it? If you can keep the rest of your life going on while they're away then you stand the best chance of coping with those feelings, mostly because you won't have to think about them as much. Anytime you do think of them, naturally you will want to be with them. The quotes about this topic are of course accurate when they say that it will be rather difficult not to think about them when they're away. No matter how much you try not to, they will come into your mind so you can only try to minimize this. Some people even find some mild enjoyment from thinking about a person and missing them. They actually want to feel the pain along with the pleasure and are often able to deal with it better than most. It would be safe to say though that most people do not enjoy the sensation of missing a loved one! If they never had to feel that way again, no tears would be shed. They'd be happy to see their loved one often and regularly. If you look at everything that's ever been written about love you'll see that missing someone is one of the most common topics. And who can't relate to it? Just about everyone has missed someone at some junction in their life. The good thing about this is of course you can always talk to a friend about this problem. It's not the kind of problem that only some people know about - all people know it and what it feels like. One of the good pieces of news on this topic is when you miss someone, often they miss you too. They want to have you around in their life too. If the feeling is not mutual then it's not a relationship that is likely to go anywhere.

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You know the relationship is healthy when you miss each other when you are apart. Without this you'd have to question whether a couple were really into each other. So remember that if you're ever missing someone. The only reason you are is because you're in a good relationship with a person that you like. For more information visit:-

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