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Chronic knee pain: Causes risk factors symptoms diagnosis and treatment Knee joint pain can become chronic when the pain or swelling has been going on for a long time. The cause of the knee problem can be determined based on the symptoms. If you would like to find out more about the knee problem then you should continue reading. Causes Chronic knee pain and the temporary knee pain are different most people have the temporary knee pain which is caused by accident or injury. The chronic knee pain has to be treated since it cannot go away on its own. The knee pain causes are bursitis osteoarthritis tendinitis gout torn ligament bone tumors rheumatoid arthritis and chondromalacia patella. The chronic knee pain can become worse due to overuse of the knee infection not warming up before or after a physical activity bad posture when doing a physical activity and injuries to the knee structure. Risk factors People who are overweight are at a high risk of getting the chronic knee pain. For every pound of being overweight your knee has to absorb about extra four pounds of pressure when you climb stairs walk or run. Other risk factors include age athletic activity and trauma. Symptoms

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The symptoms differ from one person to another. The symptoms are dull burning discomfort sharp pain and constant ache. You can also have chronic swelling and pain when you touch your knee. Diagnosis The knee pain diagnosis of the chronic knee depends on the possible cause. The diagnosis can be CT scan physical examination MRI or b blood work. The condition will also determine the tests that you have to go through to identify the cause for the knee pain. Treatment Every underlying cause of the knee pain has a treatment to be used. The treatment includes physical therapy medication injection and surgery. If you have bursitis which is a common cause for the knee problem then you can treat it at home without medical attention. Place an ice on the knee for about 15 minutes once an hour for three hours. You should not apply the ice directly on your knee cover or knee with a cotton towel. You can also wear flat shoes that will support your feet. You should also avoid sleeping on your side. In case you lie on your side then you should place a pillow in between your knees.You need to remain seated as much as possible. You can also use a new knee treatment by losing some weight in case you are overweight. Prevention You can prevent some of the possible causes of the knee problem. However it is not possible to prevent the chronic knee pain. You can only do certain things that will help alleviate the pain. If the chronic knee problem becomes worse after a physical activity then you should consider making changes to your lifestyle. Some of the approaches that you can use include doing warm-up before exercises doing low impact exercises lose weight walking downhill using paved surface you should also consider replacing your running shoes frequently.

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