The Adolescent/Adult Sensory Profile

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The Sensory Profile : 

The Sensory Profile For Adolescents and Adults

Overview : 

Overview Self evaluation tool of sensory processing Trait measure of sensory processing Quadrant scores of sensory processing patterns

Quadrant Scores : 

Quadrant Scores Based on Dunn’s model of sensory processing Low Registration Sensation Seeking Sensory Sensitivity Sensation Avoiding

Quadrant Items : 

Quadrant Items 60 total ; 15 in each section Address sensory categories of Taste/Smell Movement Visual Touch Activity Level Auditory

Purpose : 

Purpose Better understand sensory processing Provide more informed intervention planning Why DO this for an assignment?

Benefits : 

Benefits Non intrusive and easy to administer Focus on everyday activities Strong theoretical foundation Identify caregiving strategies

Administration Time : 

Administration Time 10-15 minutes

User Qualifications : 

User Qualifications Many different professions

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