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Waste collection and clearance services covering all major cities in London. Visit clearitwaste.co.uk provide eco-friendly waste collection and removal service at very competitive rates.


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Welcome to Clear it Waste We provide same day waste collection and rubbish collection services in London. http://www.clearitwaste.co.uk/

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What is Waste Collection? Waste collection  is a part of the process of waste management, included (residential, industrial commercial, institutional) to the point of treatment or disposal. http://www.clearitwaste.co.uk/

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Different Types of Waste Solid Waste Solid waste are wastes that are not a liquid or gaseous. Rubbish or refuse that we make in our homes and offices every day fall under this category. http://www.clearitwaste.co.uk/

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Liquid Waste Waste can be found in non-solid forms. Liquid waste can be defined as such fluids as wastewater, fats, oils or grease (FOG), used oil, and hazardous household liquids. http://www.clearitwaste.co.uk/

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Effects of Solid Waste Improper handling of solid waste dangerous to health and environment. Create unhygienic conditions Spread of disease Solid waste is also responsible for water pollution. Improper disposal of solid wastes are resulted in the deaths of humans and animals. http://www.clearitwaste.co.uk/

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Effects of Liquid Waste Surface Water Contamination : It can also cause harm to animals that drink from such polluted water. Soil Contamination : Pollution : If humans eat plants and animals that have been in contact with such polluted soils, there can be negative impact on their health. Pollution can take the form of chemical substances or energy, such as noise, heat or light. http://www.clearitwaste.co.uk/

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Hire A Waste Collection Service. Call us make your environment neat and clean. Phone : 0208 504 2380 Email id – info@clearitwaste.co.uk http://www.clearitwaste.co.uk/

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