How is Fully Health Insurance Plans Different from Self Insurance Plan


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Fully-insured and self-funded are distinctly different financial arrangements, and are suitable for different types of North Carolina companies. To find out how we can help your North Carolina Company with its health insurance policy needs, don’t hesitate to contact us today. Call us at +1 (919) 303-9690. Visit:


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How is Fully Health Insurance Plans Different from Self Insurance Plans?

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Fully Insured Risk:  In a fully-insured plan, the employer pays a per-employee premium to an insurance company, and the insurance company assumes the risk of providing health coverage for insured events . The difference in a fully-insured financial arrangement and a self-funded financial arrangement has to do with who assumes the insurance risk, plan characteristics, employer size and market share .

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Plan characteristics:  In fully-insured arrangements, premiums vary across employers based on employer size, employee population characteristics, and health benefit use. Premiums can also change over time within the same employer because of changes in the demographics of the employed group as well as benefits used .

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Self Insured Risk:   In a self-insured plan, instead of purchasing health insurance from an insurance company and paying the insurer a per-employee premium, the employer acts as its own insurer. In the simplest form, the employer funds the projected claims and fixed costs and has a Third Party Administrator (TPA) that pays the claims directly to the providers. The employer bears the risk associated with offering health benefits .

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Self Insured Plan characteristics:   In a self-funded arrangement, there are no premiums to pay other than the monthly fixed costs for administration and reinsurance. The employer’s responsibility is to fund the actual claims paid that week/month through the TPA. Deciding which financial arrangement is right for the employees at your North Carolina company can be complicated. Choose Independent Benefit Advisors when it comes time to decide on a financial arrangement for your group in Raleigh, Durham, Asheville, Winston-Salem, Wilmington and elsewhere in North Carolina .

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