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Independent Benefit Advisors is here to answer all of your Medicare and Medicare Part D North Carolina prescription insurance questions. We can help you determine which plan or plans will be best for your specific needs. Call us @ 919-303-9690 and let us get to work on making your health care the best it can be. Or visit online:


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• While Medicare Part A and B cover many hospital and medical needs for individuals prescription coverage is limited. North Carolina Medicare Part D is available for those who already have Medicare Part A and/or B through a private insurance carrier. Individuals may also decide instead to go with a Medicare Advantage plan also known as Medicare Part C that includes North Carolina prescription insurance. Choosing between these two options can be a difficult task and often the choice you make can have lasting difficult to reverse consequences. • At Independent Benefit Advisors we have years of experience helping people determine which Supplemental medicare plan Medicare Advantage and Medicare Part D North Carolina options will best suit them. We are here to assist you and will provide comparative pricing and cost analysis based on your specific health care needs.

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Medicare Part D: • Medicare Part D plans are designed to fill the gap between Medicare coverage and out-of-pocket costs for those whose health care requirements may be more extensive. • North Carolina Medicare Part D also referred to as PDP will provide a drug policy to help pay for your prescription medicine costs. • This may seem fairly straightforward but North Carolina prescription insurance through Medicare Part D varies in cost and availability dependent on the county in which you reside. Additionally North Carolina Medicare Part D uses “tiers” for prescription drug coverage with each tier having different prescription drugs and costs.

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• In other words the prescription medicine you need may be one price in one tier or group of tiers a higher or lower price in others and not covered at all in others. • For those who need more than one prescription medicine regularly choosing a plan that best suits their needs can be overwhelming. • Thankfully Independent Benefit Advisors can do the comparing for you. At IBA we are able to determine which Medicare Part D North Carolina prescription insurance plan is best for you.

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Contact Information: • Phone: 919 303-9690 • Toll Free: 888 303-9690 • Fax: 919 303-9691 • Web:

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