Tips for Picking the Right Packaging Solution


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Read this helpful how-to guide for expert advice on how to choose the right packaging and marketing solutions for your business. For more information on different varieties of packaging solutions, visit Beneco Packaging


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Tips for Picking the Right Packaging Solution:

Tips for Picking the Right Packaging Solution


Introduction Companies around the globe spend years researching and developing products… And when the time comes to finally launch them on the market, they might be tempted to rush it as they feel they have already been waiting for too long. That would be shooting themselves in the foot. The packaging should also be chosen carefully . Seeing that the package is the first thing that any client will notice , you need to ensure that it will stand out amongst similar offers and catch their eye. It might not guarantee you sales but, without a great package, you can rest assured you will not get any!


Originality One of the first factors to consider, and also one of the most critical, will be the originality of your package . In this day and age, you cannot afford to be bland . With so many competitors, no matter the industry, you want to make a statement if you are to stand a chance to last. That is why your package should spark interest either by its shape, the use of colors, or by arousing curiosity. But if you should aim to distinguish yourself , you do not want to go overboard . Remember that this package is also part of your branding ; so you should think about any undesirable impact this could have on your image.

Ease of Use:

Ease of Use In most cases, the package’s only role will be to hold and protect the product until it is used. Therefore, you must ensure that the box is easy to open and then discard once it has played its part. But if we are talking about packaging that is integral to the product (such as a bottle of water) that will be used for the whole lifetime of the said product, you need to pay attention to its functionality . On top of showing an attractive shape and design, the package must sit comfortably in the hand and be easy to use. Ergonomics are crucial in that a product that is not pleasant to handle will invariably bring about criticism (and low sales.)

Target Audience:

Target Audience Never lose sight of the fact that your product is always targeting a specific segment of the population . By trying to appeal to everyone, you risk ending up not appealing to anyone! Which means that you must first determine your average customer . Once you have that typical profile down, ask yourself what features would increase the perceived value for that person . If she is a young female , maybe striking colors might be good. If she is an elderly woman , you should make the package easy to read and understand , etc.

Physical Properties:

Physical Properties Depending on the product, its properties, conditions of storage , and so on, you may need to use certain materials for your packaging. Will the product be subject to high temperatures, pression or shocks? Is there a risk that it gets dropped? Does it require vacuum packaging? Only once you will have assessed all the requirements your package will need, will you be able to determine whether you should go for cardboard, plastic, metal, fabrics or any combination of the aforementioned materials.

Price & Costs:

Price & Costs Packaging can quickly inflate your manufacturing costs if you are not careful. That is why you want to determine the physical properties of your product beforehand as that will tell you exactly what you need, which will ensure you do not waste money creating packages that are too padded, too big or made from a costly material that is not necessarily justified.


Conclusion Creating the perfect package for your product is not rocket science but it is hard work nonetheless. There are so many ways to get it wrong… Hopefully, if you follow the tips we shared with you in this presentation, that is to make a package that is original, easy to use, affordable and that appeals to your target audience, you should be able to distinguish your brand from your competitors and find success .

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