4 Facts About Bail Bonds Agents

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The majority of people do not know that what exactly goes into bail, how it is paid and how bail bond agents help in the entire process.


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4 Facts About Bail Bonds Agents The majority of people do not know that what exactly goes into bail how it is paid and how bail bond agents help in the entire process. Apart from our knowledge drained from movies and sitcoms there are lots of facts about bail and bail bonds unknown to several people. Let us get to know a few of them which we have collected after networking through a few Los Angeles bail bonds agents. Bail bonds may be restricted in your state Some states like Oregon Wisconsin Massachusetts Washington D.C. don’t have bail bond agents. In such places bail bonds are a private lending service restricted to certain areas. If you live in such a state and any loved one gets arrested you will need to pay the whole amount in cash to get them free. Paying cash bail is not always a good option Paying bail entirely in cash can adversely affect your financial planning in the long term. Los Angeles Bail bond agents let you pay only a portion of bail amount and reduce your risk of paying the entire amount yourself. The risk arises when the defendant misses any of his/her trails or break the agreements made

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to the court. The court returns the bail amount only when the defendant shows up for every court date. Hiring a bondsman will only take a small amount of fee and will post the bail for you. Everyone don’t need bail Not everyone arrested need bail or bail bondsman to be released from jail. It all depends on the seriousness of the charges. Many times the person can be let out of jail on their own recognizance. However everyone is not so lucky to qualify for recognizance the accused must be first time offender or be charged with a non-violent crime so that the judge gets convinced that you will not pose any threat to the community after coming out of jail. Appearing for court date is not always sufficient The majority of people carry a common perception that after getting released from jail they only need to attend their trial in order to get the bail amount back. But unfortunately the same doesn’t go true for all the cases. A defendant may need to get enrolled in an alcohol education program or attend multiple court dates. If arrestee doesn’t follow all the requirements they lose their bail amount or collateral taken by the bond agency.

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