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History …:

History … Earlier kids don’t have separate designs and theme of clothes Usually kids wear the identically same small size of adult clothes Around 200years ago first ever kids wear designed, especially for kids

Type of kids wear:

Type of kids wear Nappies/Diapers First clothes are usually nappies also known as diapers Around 18500 nappies used within a second Nappies existing since ancient time; Adam and Eve are the first couple who used nappies Nappies change the color when wet just because it have a litmus paper

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Undergarments Earlier undergarments for babies was not in existence As per a research undergarment business worth around $30 billion Shorts Shorts are always in fashion as it allows kids to move freely Shorts can be unisex as well

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T-Shirts and Shirts T-shirts and shirts are usually small sized adult clothes Various materials can be used to prepare shirts and t-shirts but usually cotton preferred Jeans Jeans don’t need to washed quickly, thus Jeans are most preferred now days There are various trendy and colorful options available now days

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Formals and Dresses To give kids a different looks, dress and formals are now days quite common Its an old tradition but came back in fashion after 2000 Few Game Changers Pampers 4moms Baby soy Mamas and Papas

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