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Very nice idea..

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I am a contented single And I refuse to believe that Marriage is the pinnacle of life I realize that this may be a shock but “Love makes the world go round” Is a lie, and “Being Single makes me happy” So I will tell my friends that Singlehood Is much better than Marriage I tell you this Marriage can never work out I would be lying to you if I said That marriage completes your life That you mean the world to somebody That someone shares your joys and miseries Before anything, you must know We can do better than this Experts tell me Within 5 years, my marriage will end up in divorce I do not concede that I will get married Starting from today, I believe that Marriage is a waste of time It is ridiculous to think that Love is selfless and caring I can assure you, that We are selfish creatures How can it ever be, that We’ll sacrifice for our love ones Deep inside us, we know that Married life is a daily routine of fights It is foolish to presume that Marriage is everything But Jason and Ferlis taught us the reverse Blessings from Yee Keong (:

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