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Canada : 

Canada Researched by:

Location of Canada : 

Location of Canada On which continent Canada is located? What countries are its neighbors? Click here to get a map: World

Capital of Canada : 

Capital of Canada What is Canada’s capital city? What provinces is it in? What languages are spoken there? Add a picture of Ottawa here…go to

Geography of Canada : 

Geography of Canada

Government – Prime Minister : 

Government – Prime Minister Use this website: First Among Equals Who is the leader of Canada. What is his title? (Example: George W. Bush is the president of the United States.) What is their form of government? Click here to get a picture of Parliament. Click on “Previous Hill Cam images” Paste the picture here.

Explore the Parliament Building : 

Explore the Parliament Building Click here to Explore the “Hill”… Parliament Hill that is. Find this button on the web site and click it.

Provinces of Canada : 

Provinces of Canada Alberta British Columbia Manitoba New Brunswick Newfoundland and Labrador Northwest Territories Nova Scotia Nunavut Ontario Quebec Prince Edward Island Saskatchewan Yukon

Early Canadians - Inuit : 

Early Canadians - Inuit View these pictures Explain who the Inuit people are and where they live. Add a picture here..

Explorers of Canada : 

Explorers of Canada Tell about some of Canada’s famous explorers.

Canadian Wildlife : 

Canadian Wildlife Name at least six animals that are native to Canada.

Natural Resources : 

Natural Resources

Climate of Canada : 

Climate of Canada Name the warmest and the coldest cities in Canada. Where are they located?

Canadian Holidays and Customs : 

Canadian Holidays and Customs What are some important holidays celebrated in Canada?

Important Customs : 

Important Customs What are some of the important customs and traditions celebrated in Canada?

Bibliography : 

Bibliography Use Citation Maker to create your bibliography

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