Natural Treasure of Botosani City

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Presentation at Biodiversity International Videoconference, Lyon, 12 June 2012 and "QED - Quality in Europe's Diversity" Comenius meeting, Botosani, 7 June 2013, by the Biodiversity Team of CNME / CETCP Botosani


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Natural monuments in Botoşani city PROTECT SECULAR TREES!

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Mighiu Claudia Sabina Iftime Marina Stauceanu Vlad Plescan Ana-Maria Podariu THE TEAM

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What ? Goal: Locating and henceforth studying the trees in Botosani whom are under environmental protection Objectives: A better and more thorough understanding of our hometown. Capitalization of Botosani's vegetation rich areas. Offering an incentive for students to protect nature. The general observation of the environment.

How ?:

How ? Practically, we did: Gathering information Locating and shooting the trees next to a colleague Measuring circumference Calculating and estimating the height and age of trees

Populus Nigra / Black poplar / Plopul negru:

Populus Nigra / Black poplar / Plopul negru Populus Nigra – general features: Located in Central and Eastern Europe It has a medium size to large, with a trunk up to 1.5 m in diameter; Leaves and shoots glabrous (hairless), bark grey – brown, thick and furrowed; It has flowers in catkins and pollination by wind. The protected tree Populus Nigra from our city, is located in Central Park “Mihai Eminescu” and it is under Botosani Municipality administration.

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Circumference: 405 cm Estimated age: 207 years

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Calculated height: 20 m

Tilia cordata / TEI / Small-leaved Lime:

Tilia cordata / TEI / Small-leaved Lime General features: Is native in Europe and also in western Asia, but not at high altitudes; it grows up to 20 – 38 m tall, with a trunk up to 1 – 2 m diameter; The leaves have a distinctively heart – shape, and the small yellow – green flowers are produced in clusters, and smell wonderful; fruits are like little nuts; It is widely grown as an ornamental, but also a valuable mono-floral honey is produced by bees using the trees. In Botosani, there are many secular Tilia. The following was contemporary with our national poet Mihai Eminescu who lived in 1850 – 1889. It’s located in Central Park “Mihai Eminescu”, being under municipality supervision.

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Circumference: 358 cm Estimated age: 380 years

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Calculated height: 16 m

Quercus Robur / Stejar/ Oak:

Quercus Robur / Stejar/ Oak General features : A long-lived tree, with a large wide spreading crown of rugged branches; Within its native range Quercus Robur is valued for its importance to insects and other wildlife, numerous insects live on the leaves, buds, and in the acorns; Quercus robur is planted for forestry, and produces a long-lasting and durable heartwood, much in demand for interior and furniture work; Also it’s cultivated as an ornamental tree in gardens and parks and in arboreta and botanical gardens. Location : The protected secular oak located in Central Park “Mihai Eminescu” is one of the oldest tree from Botosani.

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Calculated height: 30 m

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Circumference : 740 cm Estimated age: 470 years

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Silver spruce

Magnolia Liliiflora in flowers:

Magnolia Liliiflora in flowers

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Fagus Sylvatica

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Pinus Sylvatica



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