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Slide 1: 

Engine Strike

Slide 3: 

Scene cut from Alfred Hitchcocks “The Birds”

Slide 4: 

Racing for the photo finish

Slide 5: 

Where do I dock this thing!!

Slide 6: 

Over 80 people died in this including 3 of the pilots

Slide 7: 

Well its longer than the last one!!

Slide 8: 

Which way to the launch pad?

Slide 10: 

Stunt driver!!

Slide 11: 

Changing rooms

Slide 12: 

Damn, that was a big budgie!!

Slide 13: 

Not that lever till we are airborne…..stupid.

Slide 14: 

Ya big bully, wait your turn.

Slide 15: 

There goes my no claims bonus.

Slide 16: 

Let’s go around & try with the gear down.

Slide 17: 

Lets hide it here

Slide 18: 

I tell you the front brake locked on!!

Slide 19: 

Do Quik-Fit do airborne punctures captain?

Slide 20: 

Novel crop dusting!!

Slide 21: 

This is how Boeings mate.

Slide 22: 

I think you over filled the washer bottle

Slide 23: 

Get outa my way groundhog!!

Slide 24: 

I tell you it WAS a sparrow!!

Slide 25: 

Where does this bit go?

Slide 26: 

Your supposed to push from the front gear idiot!!

Slide 27: 

Lets play chicken

Slide 28: 

I cannot feel you, are you in yet?

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