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Many food safety courses are available at BD food safety consultant to assist any food manufacturer through the long term process of food safety. They offer professional HACCP training and other courses. Our course is an accredited HACCP course as recognized by International HACCP Alliance. We have registered SQF consultants and International HACCP Alliance accredited HACCP instructor.


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WELCOME BD Food Safety Consultant Brief Illustration of Food Hygiene Including the Food Safety Courses

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Food Hygiene •Protecting food items from contamination including harmful bacteria poison and other foreign bodies. •Preventing any bacteria present in the food which would result in the illness of consumer or the early spoilage of the food. •Destroying all harmful bacteria in the food by thorough cooking. •Discarding unfit or contaminated food items that can cause illness.

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How Can It Affect the Health •Food poisoning can cause death •Food contamination consumer complaints and brand images •It can cause pest infestations •Wastage of food due to spoilage •Loss of production of food which van be destroyed •Decontamination cleaning and replacement of damaged equipments

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Some food items always at a risk high of contamination: Ready to eat food items are known as high risk foods which leads to the multiplication of harmful bacteria and are intended for consumption without cooking. These food items require refrigerated storage under a low temperature. These food items include: •Cooked poultry items •Cooked meat •Diary products •Products made from raw eggs •Sea food

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Food Safety from the Producers Point of View There are different food safety and hygiene courses available with training and certification. That helps your organization and food manufacturing firms to improve the business processes and reduce the risk. These are: •HACCP certification •Safe quality food certification •HACCP plan development •Vendor audits •GFSI consulting

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HACCP Training Certification Plan Hazard analysis of critical control points is a programmed system designed to identify and avoid hazards by creating and using measurements to reduce the risks to a safe level. It meets the requirements of the Codex Alimentarius Commission. Representatives of food manufacturers should attend the class provided by registered consultants and get the certification to work with a well organized HACCP plan.

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Seven Principles of HACCP 1. Conduct Hazard analyses 2. Determine the critical control point 3. Establish critical limits 4. Establish monitoring limits 5. Establish corrective action 6. Establish certification procedures 7. Establish documentation

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Need of Food Safety Consultants Food Safety Consultant is positioned to provide HACCP Training HACCP certification and SQF Consulting that helps your organization improve business processes and reduce risk. They offer assistance to get training certification and also helps to get food safety audits.

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Contact BD Food Safety Consultants 21201 Duncan Ct Plainfield Illinois 60544 US Phone no: 8156416404 Mail :

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