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an in depth explanation of the concerns posed by lead exposure in children and ways to remedy the situation


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Lead Contamination : 


Today’s Agenda : 

Today’s Agenda Introduction Our Community Problem: Lead Contamination A History of Lead Contamination The Effects of Lead Contamination Lead Contamination & Our Children The Solution: Affordable & Convenient Lead Testing Questions

Today’s Objectives : 

Today’s Objectives Give overview of lead issues in our community Discuss ALTN lead testing program Answer your questions

Introduction : 

Introduction Bob and Cindy Deese, Owners at ANY LAB TEST NOW® Located at Broadcasting Square (across from Target) Wyomissing Cindy is lifelong resident of Berks County Bob has lived here over 20 years

Our Community’s Problem: Lead Contamination : 

Our Community’s Problem: Lead Contamination

Lead Summary : 

Lead Summary Lead (Pb) Elemental metal Found natural and manufactured goods. Harmful in very small quantities. Largest lead emitters Metal Processing Plants i.e. Battery Manufacturers Exposure Air Water Soil Home Bodily Damage When distributed through the body, can cause serious neurological, kidney, immune, developmental and cardiovascular systems Children are especially sensitive to lead. Regulation The Environmental Protection Agency places strict regulations on lead. Result: Lead emissions dropped 98% from 1970-2006.

Sources Of Lead : 

Sources Of Lead Air Industry Home Lead paint Dust Soil Water Other Hobbies Traditional ethnic remedies

Our Community’s Problem : 

Our Community’s Problem This fall, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced it was lowering the acceptable level of airborne lead to 0.15 micrograms per cubic meter.Berks County is one of only 18 counties in the U.S. that environmental regulators believe will not meet the new guidelines, which take effect in four years. Berks County's expected place on a short list of counties in violation speaks to the troubles the area has historically had with lead, said Craig Hafer, president of the Pennsylvania Institute for Children's Environmental Health. Source: Reading Eagle, 12/19/2008 by Darrin Youker

The Reason for Today’s Issue : 

The Reason for Today’s Issue "The problems we have today are the result of not doing things right 30 years ago," Hafer said. "That is the legacy we were given." Source: Reading Eagle, 12/19/2008 by Darrin Youker

Our Community’s Problem : 

Our Community’s Problem Highest lead concentrations (black) and lowest (white) concentrations in the United States. Notice that the areas of highest concentrations tend to correlate with areas of heavy coal burning.

A History of Lead Contamination : 

A History of Lead Contamination Where We Are, How We Got Here

History : 

History 6500 B.C. – Lead discovered in Turkey. 500 B.C. – 300: Roman lead smelting produces dangerous emissions. 100 B.C. – Greek physicians give clinical description of lead poising. 1817 – “If we were to judge of the interest excited by any medical subject by the number of writings to which it has given birth, we could not but regard the poisoning by lead as the most important to be known of all those that have been treated of, up to the present time.” Orfila 1991 – “Lead poisoning remains the most common and societaly devastating disease of young children.” L. Sullivan, Public Health Service.

History : 

History Lead-Based Paint 1887 - US medical authorities diagnose childhood lead poisoning 1904 - Child lead poisoning linked to lead-based paints 1909 - France, Belgium and Austria ban white-lead interior paint 1914- Pediatric lead-paint poisoning death from eating crib paint is described 1921 - National Lead Company admits lead is a poison 1922 - League of Nations bans white-lead interior paint; US declines to adopt 1943- Report concludes eating lead paint chips causes physical and neurological disorders, behavior, learning and intelligence problems in children 1971- Lead-Based Paint Poisoning Prevention Act passed

History : 

History Lead in Gasoline 1854 - Tetraethyl lead discovered by German chemist 1921 - Midgley discovers that tetraethyl lead curbs engine knock 1922 - Public Health Service warns of dangers of lead production, leaded fuel 1923 - Leaded gasoline goes on sale in selected markets 1936 - 90 percent of gasoline sold in US contains Ethyl 1972 - EPA gives notice of proposed phase out of lead in gasoline. 1986 - Primary phase out of leaded gas in US completed 1994 - Study shows that US blood-lead levels declined by 78 percent from 1978 to 1991 2000 - European Union bans leaded gasoline

The Effects of Lead Contamination : 

The Effects of Lead Contamination

Lead-Absorption in Our Bodies : 

Lead-Absorption in Our Bodies Absorption Consumed orally body absorbs lead in place of calcium Increases during pregnancy Children 30-50% of lead Adults 5-10% of lead Half-Life Blood (25 days) Soft Tissue (40 days) Bone (20 years)

Lead’s Health Effects : 

Lead’s Health Effects Encephalopathy Colic Frank Anemia Hemoglobin Synthesis Peripheral Neuropathies Infertility (MEN) Systolic Blood Pressure (MEN) Nerve Conduction Velocity Erythrocyte Protoporphyrin DEVELOPMENTAL TOXICITY IQ, Memory, Learning Growth

How Lead Contamination Occurs : 

How Lead Contamination Occurs Sources Inhaling dust from inside our homes. Drinking tap water. Participating in outdoor hobbies like fishing, hunting, and others. Environmental exposures outside our homes.

Reproductive Effects Of Lead : 

Reproductive Effects Of Lead Men Decreased sex drive Impotence Sterility Altered sperm-birth defects Women Lead crosses the placenta Low infant birth weight Retarded mental development Miscarriages Premature birth Still birth

Lead Contamination & Our Children : 

Lead Contamination & Our Children

Children’s Vulnerability : 

Children’s Vulnerability Children are more vulnerable to lead exposure than adults. Why? Consume more food. Inhale more air. Nervous system development. Increased need for calcium.

Children Lead Levels : 

Children Lead Levels In 1999-2000, 2.2% of children 1-5 years old had levels above 10 mcg/dL. (Centers for Disease Control) Approx. 20 million children under age 5 (440,000 children in the U.S.) have blood levels above 10 mcg/dL. (Centers for Disease Control) Recent CDC reports are that almost 900,000 children have blood lead levels high enough to cause adverse effects.

Children Lead-Level Research : 

“Blood lead concentrations, even those below 10 mgc/dL, are inversely associated with children’s IQ scores at three and five years of age, and associated declines in IQ are greater at these concentrations than at higher concentrations. These findings suggest that more U.S. children may be adversely affected by environmental lead than previously estimated.” Canfield et al. 2003, NEJM, 384 Children Lead-Level Research

Child IQ and Blood Lead : 

Canfield R, et al. NEJM 2003;348:1517-1526. (slide from BL) Child IQ and Blood Lead

Who Should Be Tested : 

Who Should Be Tested Children who… Had previous elevated lead levels. Show symptoms of lead poisoning. (persistent fatigue, headache, muscle weakness and more) Live in a building where lead hazards have been found. Live or frequently occupy a building built prior to 1978. Live in or frequently occupy a house renovated while the child was there. Are siblings, playmates or visitors of children with lead poisoning. Live near heavy traffic areas. Have frequent hand-to-mouth activity (i.e. thumb sucking). Have household members who participate in lead-related hobbies or occupations.

The Solution: Affordable & Convenient Lead Testing : 

The Solution: Affordable & Convenient Lead Testing

What We Can Do : 

What We Can Do “Knowledge is Power” Get a lab test for you and your children for lead contamination. Test your home for lead contamination. Test your water supply for lead contamination. Test the soil outside your home for contamination.

ANY LAB TEST NOW® - Berks County : 

ANY LAB TEST NOW® - Berks County Affordable and Convenient Consumer-Driven, Retail Location and Hours 1000's of Available Tests including Lead/Metals No Appointment Necessary Confidential and Anonymous Doctor's Order Provided Most Results in 24-48 Hours ANY LAB TEST NOW® Brand Experience with Professional, Certified Staff

Testing Methods : 

Testing Methods ANY LAB TEST NOW® is not a laboratory or medical practice – We are a draw station. Our Professional and Courteous Staff Performs the Following: Blood Draw Urine Analysis Hair Follicle Analysis Buccal Swab Rapid Result Screens Blood Pressure Check EKG

Thousands of Tests Available : 

Thousands of Tests Available Common Tests CBC, Cholesterol, Hemoglobin A1c, Thyroid, Chemistry Panel, etc. Complete Packages: Male and Female Health Profile Paternity Tests: Basic and Chain of Custody Value Panels Comprehensive Male and Female, Menopause, Thyroid, Alcohol Effect, Comprehensive STD, many more.

Lead Testing Program : 

Lead Testing Program Lead Testing Products Blood Test Kits - Child/parent friendly [$25.00] Home Dust Kit - Self-use test for indoor lead [$20.00] 3. Water Kit - Prepaid all inclusive w/mailer [$35.00] 4. Soil Kit - Easy-to-use w/ self mailer [$30.00] Family Kit Discount includes: + 4 Blood kits, 2 Dust kits, Water kit, Soil kit Regular Price $205.00 – 10% = $184.50

Our Community Initiative : 

Our Community Initiative For Each Blood Lead Testing Kit Sold in 2009, ANY LAB TEST NOW® will donate $5 to the Pennsylvania Institute for Children’s Environmental Health (Piceh.org). http://www.piceh.org

Other Lead Avoidance Tips : 

Other Lead Avoidance Tips Run tap water for at least 5 minutes before drinking or using for cooking Wash hands often Leave shoes and coats at the door Wash toys and other outside use articles to remove dirt and dust Refinish over lead based painted surfaces using “non-sanding” preparation methods

Questions? : 

Questions? Thank You for Your Time.

References : 

References CDC’s Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program http://www.cdc.gov/nceh/lead/lead.htm Environmental Protection Agency http://www.epa.gov/opptintr/lead/index.html http://www.epa.gov/safewater/lead/ Pennsylvania Institute for Children’s Environmental Health http://www.piceh.org

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