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Our family run business is now in its twenty fifth year. Time flies by when you’re having fun! Many watersport operators have come and gone but we are still here. I hope that means we are doing something right. When we go on vacation we expect to have a good time. In turn, we do our utmost to ensure our guests have a memorable time with us in Bermuda.

Jet Skis at SomersetBridge Watersports:

Jet Skis at SomersetBridge Watersports

Kayaks at SomersetBridge Watersports:

Kayaks at SomersetBridge Watersports

Rates Boats @ SB Water Sports photos:

Rates Boats @ SB Water Sports photos

Photos of Somerset Bridge Watersports:

Photos of Somerset Bridge Watersports

Reviews of Somerset Bridge Watersports:

Reviews of Somerset Bridge Watersports

Location of Somerset Bridge Watersports:

Location of Somerset Bridge Watersports

Contact US:

Contact US Address :- Bermuda,Hemilton Call :- (441) 234 3145, ( 441) 234 0914 Website:- / /

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