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Kickboxing By Brittany Clemmons

A little history…:

A little history… Modern kickboxing began in 1974 in the city of Los Angeles, Ca. originating from an ancient martial art, Muy Thai. “Full contact karate, now called kickboxing, was officially born in Los Angeles in September 1974 when Anderson, together with Don and Judy Quine, formed the first world sanctioning body for the new sport and named it the PKA” ( ). “In the early days the rules were never clear, one of the first tournaments had no weight divisions and all the competitors fought off until one was left.” (History of the Arts 3)

Kickboxing history continued..:

Kickboxing history continued.. “Kickboxing was a Thai style of boxing that was much “less restrictive fighting style [that] American karate practitioners were searching for” (Mitchell). Due to the degree of violence, women were not allowed to participate.


WOMEN BANNED It was said that “a female fighter can only handle  a 2-minute round” (Griffin). Social roles for American women

PowerPoint Presentation:

The ban of women in the boxing ring also originated from Muay Thai traditions. “Traditionally, women were banned from entering the Muay Thai boxing ring and there was no women’s boxing in Thailand. This fact originates from long-held superstitions that a female presence may destroy a Muay Thai boxer’s skill, making him vulnerable to injuries.” (Women's Muay Thai Boxing in Thailand, 2006)

Why is it considered a MALE sport?:

Why is it considered a MALE sport? Too rough Too violent Too competitive Men’s fluctuating short-term testosterone levels respond to competitive situations, such as a tennis or wrestling match, a chess game, or a competitive task in a psychology laboratory. (Goldstein, 2001)

Women are supposed to be…:

Women are supposed to be… Dainty Lady-like Caregivers Child-bearers (as we witnessed in Mona Lisa Smile…a little before the time, but the same idea) Women participating in competitive sports went against the character of a woman in America and many women who do are perceived as dikes and/or unladylike.

PowerPoint Presentation:

Lilly Rodriguez, USA, won WKA world featherweight title [in 1977]. She held it until she retired in 1986. (Historic Results) Since then many more women have increased participation because social roles, expectations and social norms for women have evolved. Women still not get the recognition for the sport that men get.


Women.. Continue to show that they can do what others doubt. Have the athleticism and stamina to compete in competitive sports. However, because we are built differently biologically, there should be rules catering to us for the sport. “Activities with risk of trauma to abdomen (kickboxing, soccer)” (Exercising While Pregnant, 2011). As child-bearers women should be a aware of the potential risk in order to avoid damage to reproductive organs or harming a pregnancy. “Rules vary little between men's and women's kickboxing. During a fight, women have to wear breast protection, a sports bra with built-in shell protection, and a different type of groin protector.” (Kickboxing for Females, 2010)



My pros and cons:

My pros and cons PROS Fun Exciting Great exercise Something new Not something you see everyday done by women CONS Level of violence and aggression Hurting myself doing the kicks and moves Hurting someone else

Knowledge gained:

Knowledge gained From engaging in the sport, I could see why men might be worried about women participating as well. It is a rough sport and if not practiced the right way someone can get seriously injured. So, if you plan on doing kickboxing, whether male or female, please take precaution. I could also see from the women’s perspective that women can handle it. As long as you train properly and have the right gear and right knowledge it’s possible.



PowerPoint Presentation:

I would gladly do it again…I learned blocking..

I learned how others block…:

I learned how others block…

The levels of kicks..:

The levels of kicks..

And I had a great time as well as a great instructor !:

And I had a great time as well as a great instructor !

PowerPoint Presentation:

Thank You !


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