Javier's Inspiration: Paulo Coelho

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rio ESCRITOR The Brazilian author PAULO COELHO was born in 1947 in the city of Rio de Janeiro. Before dedicating his life completely to literature, he worked as theatre director and actor, lyricist and journalist.

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His fascination with the spiritual makes his books special, each one teaches to you something important for your live. The books I had read and I really recommend are: .- The Alchemist .- By the River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept .- The Fifth Mountain .- Veronica Decides to Die .- Eleven Minutes .- Brida .- The Zahir .- The Witch of Portobello

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PAULO COELHO entered The Guinness Book of Records as the author that signed more books The book The Alchemist has been adopted in schools in more than 30 countries, offering special editions to students.

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For this reasons I think he is my Inspirational person.

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