Beth's Dream Destination: Italy

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By: kreyes (150 month(s) ago)

Nice example, Beth! If you ever want to have someone post comments on your students' work, let me know -- I and or my students could do so in the fall. It would be a good experience for all!

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My Dream Destination A place that I would love to visit someday is Italy. Since I was a child, I have dreamed of visiting this country. Italy is interesting to me for many reasons. Italy

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First of all, I’d like to travel there because it has a diversity of beautiful cities, such as Rome, Venice, and Florence. These cities have incredible architecture that I would love to see. Rome has the famous Coliseum, Venice has beautiful canals that go through the city, and in Florence, there are many houses and buildings with red roofs. Rome Venice Florence

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In addition to cities, Italy has beautiful rural areas. Tuscany is a region in northwestern Italy that has gorgeous green landscapes, vineyards, and fields of flowers. I would love to see this region in person. vineyards

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Finally, Italian food is one of my favorite types of ethnic cuisine. I would love to eat a homemade pizza in a small café in Rome. I’d also love to try homemade pasta dishes from different regions in the country.

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For all these reasons, Italy is a place that I would like to travel to in the future. I hope someday my dream will come true! Florence at dusk

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