Noun Clauses with THAT

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Noun Clauses with “that” : 

Noun Clauses with “that” What is a “clause?” Noun clauses with “that” - structure

Clauses: : 

Clauses: A “clause” is a part of a larger sentence, and it MUST contain a subject and a verb. Often a sentence has 2 clauses: A main clause is a complete sentence and can stand independently. A dependent clause has a subject and verb, but cannot stand independently – it must be connected to a main clause to be understood.

Example 1: : 

Example 1: I think that it’s raining outside. I’d better bring an umbrella. Main Clause = I think Dependent clause = that it’s raining …

Example 2: : 

Example 2: We should realize that it’s crucial to work together to save our planet. Main Clause = We should realize Dependent clause = that it’s crucial to work together …

Slide 5: 

This week, we will practice writing and speaking with Noun Clauses. We will practice the following structure: Introductory Clause: "I think . . ." "I feel . . ." "They realize ..." "People believe..." + Noun Clause: (that) _____ ____ ..... subject verb "that" is optional

Note: : 

Note: Introductory clause = main clause I think . . . He feels . . . She believes . . . Noun clause = dependent clause ... (that) . . .

More Examples: : 

More Examples: *the verb in the main clause OR the noun clause can be in any tense. I think that George is a great cook. -simple present 2) I didn’t know that it was your birthday yesterday. -simple past 3) I think that Tom worked late last night. -simple present / simple past

Useful Language: : 

Useful Language: *When speaking, we frequently omit (eliminate) “that” before the noun clause. Example: I think THAT he’s angry. Remember: "that" is optional

Practice! On your own paper : 

Practice! On your own paper For each sentence below: Identify the main clause and the dependent clause Identify the tense of each verb I think that Kelly has been sick recently. (2) She didn’t realize that I was coming. (3) Do you think that Mark is upset with me? (4) We think that she acted rudely. (5) The teacher knows that Jake will be absent tomorrow. (6) Do you agree that the test was difficult? (7) I thought that Karla was taking a French class. Give your paper with your answers to your teacher.

Practice makes Perfect! : 

Practice makes Perfect! For additional practice, go to our class website: On the right-hand side, under the heading Important Websites for Class, click on: “More about Noun Clauses with “that.” Be sure to ask your teacher or another classmate if you need help with this week’s grammar.

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