the Present Perfect Continuous tense

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the Present Perfect Continuous Tense: 

the Present Perfect Continuous Tense also called: the Present Perfect Progressive


Meaning: The present perfect continuous is very similar in meaning to the present perfect tense. We use this grammar to talk about something that started in the past, but is still happening. But the present perfect continuous focuses more on the continuous action. The emphasis is on the duration of the action.


Example: It began raining two hours ago. It is STILL raining now. *It has been raining for two hours. This is the present perfect continuous tense.


Form: This grammar has 3 parts:

Negative Form:: 

Negative Form: Has NOT been –ing Have NOT been –ing John has not been living in L.A. for very long. (or hasn’t been living) We have not been exercising very much recently. (or haven’t been exercising)

More Examples:: 

More Examples: Jane started to work in her garden at 8:00 this morning. Now it is 12:00. She has been working in her garden for 4 hours! Wow! She must be tired now!


Where’s Kelly? She’s sleeping. She’s been sleeping for a long time. Sam and Paul are talking in the hallway. They have been talking since class ended.


Janice is at work. She works at a store. She has been working with customers all day. Lupe and her husband are on their honeymoon. Right now, they are flying to Hawaii. They have been traveling for 5 hours.


Practice! On your own paper, write an appropriate sentence using the present perfect continuous tense: 1. Lisa is studying. She began at 5:00 and now it’s 9:00. 2. We are playing soccer. We started 2 hours ago, and we’re not finished yet. 3. The dog is barking. He started 5 minutes ago. 4. My friends are using the computer right now. They started 30 minutes ago.


Answers! 1. Lisa has been studying for 4 hours. She has been studying since 5:00. She’s been studying for a long! 2. We have been playing soccer for 2 hours. We’ve been playing soccer for 2 hours. 3. The dog has been barking for 5 minutes. 4. My friends have been using the computer for 30 minutes.

Practice makes Perfect!: 

Practice makes Perfect! For additional practice, visit these websites: 1) 2) Be sure to click on “check your understanding” at the bottom of the page to practice the grammar.

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