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All You Need To Know About First Grade!!: 

All You Need To Know About First Grade!! By: The First Grade Teachers 

Language Arts:(Reading, Writing, Spelling): 

Language Arts: (Reading, Writing, Spelling) Five Big Ideas in Reading: *From the National Council of Reading -Phonological Awareness -Phonics -Vocabulary -Comprehension -Fluency

District Reading Series:: 

District Reading Series: Publisher - Harcourt Trophies Research-based, developmental program Organized in progression of increased difficulty Variety of genres and styles Leveled Books Assess students reading level 3 times a year Provides books at level for balance of challenge and success


Spelling: Part of the Harcourt integrated language arts program List will come home each Monday High frequency word and word family words are included Invented spelling is developmentally appropriate for regular writing assignments.

Writer’s Workshop:: 

Writer’s Workshop: Mt. Lebanon teaches the same writing process from K-12th grade First Graders spend 45 minutes of their day in writing workshop 1st Quarter-Rituals and Routines, Narrative Account 2nd Quarter-Narrative Procedure 3rd Quarter-Report Writing 4th Quarter – Functional Writing (procedural & letter writing)

What is The Writing Process ?: 

What is The Writing Process ?


Mini Lesson-procedures, author’s craft, skills Prewriting-generate ideas, decide on purpose, focus on the topic, arrange ideas in logical order. First Draft- keep writing, don’t worry bout mistakes-just get your ideas down Revising-check to see that the ideas relate to topic, refine ideas, use the best words to get your ideas across Editing-proofread for errors in grammar, usage, spelling, and mechanics Author’s Chair -Selected Students share work

Math:(Houghton Mifflin): 

Math: (Houghton Mifflin) Your child is currently involved in math activities which emphasize the use of manipulative materials. Through this exposure to "hands-on" math, your child, as an active learner, will develop problem-solving skills and strategies


Students are expected to develop skills involving counting by 1's, 2's, 5's, and 10's up to and including 100 Students are expected to master addition and subtraction facts up to 12 though will be introduced to up to 20 Students are expected to know basic fractions and geometry Students are expected to identify coins and total amounts; and tell time to the hour and half hour. Students are tested at the end of each chapter. Timed tests will be given starting second quarter to assess quick and accurate recall of facts.


Daily calendar activities from Every Day Counts allow students the opportunity to analyze data, perceive patterns, and explore mathematical relationships.

Social Living: : 

Social Living: Our social studies text is At Home and at School. We will focus on relationships, rules, jobs, families, and neighbors.   The School District utilizes the ASSET science programs which emphasize many hands-on experiences. The units children will study include: Air and Weather, Insects, and the Sun and the Stars. Students visit the high school planetarium as part of the social living curriculum. Character Education is also a part of our curriculum. We work to promote ethical understanding, cultural literacy, and interpersonal communication by means of read-aloud stories and follow-up activities. Our curriculum focuses on the following attributes: respect, honesty, loyalty, hope, courage, justice and love.


Assessment: Spelling tests on Fridays High frequency words weekly Reading end of selection tests DIBELS - 3 times a year Math - end of unit tests Math screenings - quarterly Writing Portfolio


Conferences: Report card conferences take place in November and April. If you have concerns regarding your child's progress at any time during the year, feel free to make arrangements for a conference. In order to give you our undivided attention, we ask that you schedule an appointment by phone or note rather than just stopping in. Your child's teacher will also contact you if there are concerns.


Specials: The specials schedule for first grade is as follows: Monday: Music Tuesday: Gym, Library (please remember to wear appropriate shoes for gym class and bring back library books to be returned) Wednesday: Gym (please remember to wear appropriate shoes for gym class) Thursday: Art, Spanish ( please remember to bring in an art smock for art class) Friday: Music, Spanish

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