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Lesson 1:

Lesson 1 ESL Intermediate Class

Picture 1:

Picture 1 Which holiday is celebrated on October 31 st ?

Picture 2:

Picture 2 What are the children holding?

Picture 3:

Picture 3 What are these children wearing?

Bet You Didn’t Know: Halloween:

Bet You Didn’t Know: Halloween What do people do on Halloween? When did the dead people return as ghost? To avoid ghost, what do people do? What is souling ? In the past, what did kids get from adults on Halloween?

Halloween Vocabulary 1:

Halloween Vocabulary 1 witch: a woman believed to have magical powers bat: a small flying mammal, with leathery wings, according to legend, vampires are said to be able to turn in to bats haunted house: a place frequented by ghost or other sprits of the dead ghost: undead spirit that haunts houses skeleton: the hard inner frame of person’s or animal’s body, formed from bones that join together web: spiders spin these to catch flies

Halloween Vocabulary 2:

Halloween Vocabulary 2 mummy: a dead person, who was buried wrapped in bandages vampire: an undead creature who sleeps in a coffin by day, and ventures out at night to bite people and drink their blood lantern: a type of lamp jack-o-lantern: a lantern carved from a pumpkin, with a candle inside boom or broomstick: a type of brush with a long wooden handle, said to be used by witches to fly, according to legend

Halloween Vocabulary 3:

Halloween Vocabulary 3 zombie: an undead, flesh eating creature All Hallows Eve: another name for Halloween trick: a practical joke, or other act of deception treat: a fun, unexpected surprise, designed to please someone trick or treat: a popular Halloween custom in the UK and USA, where children dress up in costumes and visit people’s house in search of sweets or candy

Say Happy Halloween!:

Say Happy Halloween! Trick or treat! Bobbing for apples

Thank you!:

Thank you!

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