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OCEANSPRAY - Beautiful Shrub Thrives This lovely shrub flourishes in poor soils, dry spell, and salt splash. Plant it on a dry incline to counteract disintegration and pull in seed-eating birds. Lorquin's admiral loves the creamy flower tufts that progress toward becoming orangebrown seed heads in winter.


BROAD-LEAVED STONECROP A low groundcover for hot and radiant shake greenery enclosures, holders and garden fringes. Palatable, succulent leaves extend from sage green to red. A strong perpetual, this present plant's conspicuous yellow blooms are a magnet for pollinators and hummingbirds


SWORD FERN - Native Plants Attractive copper-colored fiddleheads in spring spread out into tough, midsection high evergreen fronds. This strong enduring supplements better foliage of groundcovers in partial sun to shade. Other good native fern choices include Deer Fern and Licorice Fern.


RED FLOWERING CURRANT Hummingbirds encourage from splendid pink to red blossoms in the spring, and different winged animals appreciate currants in the fall. A conspicuous example plant or massed in the back outskirt, this bush is a nursery workers top choice.


FALSE LILY OF THE VALLEY Low, shade-adoring groundcover includes little, white, perfumed blooms and crawling rhizomes. Greenish berries hand red over winter. Floats of sparkly spade-formed leaves look incredible with strawberry, sword plant and draining heart. Develops under cedar as well.


TALL OREGON GRAPE Blue edible berries, huge yellow blossoms, and gleaming leaves in a single dry spell tolerant perennial! Plant a few behind low shrubs, around foundations, and in thickets. Sharp leaves, crawling rhizomes and upright propensity makes a people boundary or evergreen hedge.


ROCKY MOUNTAIN JUNIPER Intense evergreen shrub or tree replaces a parched cedar hedge and can be planted over berms. Superb year-round security screen, nourishment and cover for winged animals. Seemingly perpetual and fragrant, local junipers likewise come in crawling shapes.


NODDING ONION A float of this durable lily draws pollinators and butterflies for a considerable length of time. Handles salt splash, wind, dry season and poor, gravelly soils. Best for dry open woods, uncovered sandy knolls and shake gardens where it spreads rapidly.


WOOLLY SUNFLOWER Honey bees and butterflies will party around flashy floats of serious yellow that endures all late spring. Enduring with light green, smooth foliage appreciates dry shallow soils and looks incredible in banks, rockeries, and fringes.


KINNIKINNICK - Native Plants An early sprouting, trailing evergreen ground cover with red berries in winter for winged creatures. Best for asphalt edges and dry, radiant inclines. Crawling branches cover dividers and endure pedestrian activity. A caterpillar host and hummingbird feeder, this plant spruces up any site.


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