Way to Determine the Failed Brake Master Cylinder in Car

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The brakes are one of the most vital parts of your car because it not only plays an important role in your safety but also helps in better handling of the car. The braking system of your car consists of various components and the brake master cylinder is one of those components. It helps in pushing the brake fluid through the brake lines which helps in the proper functioning of the brakes. Go through the slide to know the ways to determine the failed brake master cylinder in your car.


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Way to Determine the Failed Brake Master Cylinder in Car


The brake master cylinder is the important component found in the car and serves as the main valve for pushing the brake fluid through the brake lines.


It has a metal rod which is pushing through the cylinder to force the fluid for flowing through the braking system to the wheels.


Moreover, one end of the rod brake master cylinder is attached to the pedal and it is actuated when the pedal is depressed.


When the brake master cylinder of the car is failing, then it will produce the below-defined signs to alert the driver for its servicing.


Contaminated brake fluid


The most common signs of failed brake master cylinder is the contaminated brake fluid because these contaminants break down its rubber seals.


When the contaminants enter into the brake fluid, it will turn into dark brown or black color and the breakdown seals unable to hold the brake pressure.


Brake fluid leakage


The brake master cylinder of the car needs a proper level of fluid for exerting the right amount of hydraulic pressure to slow down the car.


But, when the brake fluid leaks from the master cylinder or reservoir, then the brake fluid level of the cylinder is lower down and impair the slow down of the car.


Astonished brake pedal


The master cylinder can generate the pressure for the braking system of the car and if it develops any sort of issues in sealing, then it can fail the brake pedal.


The failed master cylinder can affect the behavior of the brake pedal and feels spongy, mushy or slowly sink to the floor when depressed.


Illuminated check engine light


The braking system of the car has brake fluid level and a pressure sensor in the master cylinder for detecting the issues related to the car's brake fluid pressure.


When the brake fluid pressure has dropped, then it can indicate the issues in the brake master cylinder and illuminate the check engine light of the car.




The brake master cylinder of the car is the heart of the braking system and used for a reliable operation of the brake system.


The failed brake master cylinder will cause compromised or inoperable brakes and create an unsafe situation to drive the car.


So, when you suspect the failed brake master cylinder of the car, diagnose the brake system by a professional technician for repair or replacement.


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