How Could you Determine the Damaged PCV Valve in Car

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The PCV valve in cars ensures that there is a clean emission system. Therefore, it is important to know the signs like poor fuel economy, stalling of an engine, oil leakage and sludge that may lead to a faulty PCV valve. Go through the given slides to know more about how to determine the damaged PCV valve in a car.


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How Could you Determine the Damaged PCV Valve in Car:

How Could you Determine the Damaged PCV Valve in Car


If you want a clean emission system in your car, then you need to have a fully functional PCV valve system in your car.


But, over time the PCV valve system of your car is damaged or worn out when they are used for several years.


Before you replace the damaged PCV valve of your car, it's your responsibility to recognize the symptoms of a damaged PCV valve in your car.


If you ignore the signs of a damaged PCV valve, then it could make a irreversible damage in the engine.


Here the points provide all the basic symptom of a damaged PCV valve in your car.


Check engine light


When the PCV valve is damaged, then either too much air or fuel enter the combustion cylinder of the engine.


The sensor relays the information back to the control unit after the ignition of air and fuel mixture and cause the check engine light to illuminate on the dashboard.


Poor fuel economy


If the PCV valve of the car is closed, then it will create a mixture of air and fuel in the combustion cylinders.


If more fuel is consumed by your car, then it will damage the fuel economy and forces you to pay more on your gas and more emission as well.


Engine stalling


The PCV valve of your car has a plunger which could stay open when it is damaged. As a result, an excessive amount of air will flow into the combustion cylinders.


In this way, it will lean the mixture of air and fuel because the air is more than the fuel in the cylinders and caused engine stalling or rough idling.


Oil leakage


When the PCV valve is damaged or just wear out, then it is unable to get out of the closed position because it is stacked.


If you put more pressure in it, the higher chance of oil leak occurs in the seals and gaskets. The air cleaner assembly may have oil leaks as well.




When the toxic gases from the combustion start leaking out into the middle of the cylinder wall and piston, they will mix with the oil in the engine.


Due to the mixture of oil and exhaust gases cause sludge residue and build up until it damages the engine.


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