HR Value Proposition and Performance Measurement Role


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Key considerations for HRM in Performance measurement and meeting the value proposition for HRM.


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B Y B E T T Y A N N M . T U R P I N P H . D C M C C . E . J U N E 2 0 1 7

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✓ The HR Value Chain ✓ Five Elements affecting the HR value Proposition ✓ HR Accountability ✓ Cascading: HRM Points of Measurement ✓ HR Measurement Universe ✓ Foundation for HRM Performance Measurement ✓ Performance Framework and Measurement Underlays the monitoring of the HRM value proposition

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THE HR VALUE CHAIN 3 1.0 HR Planning Work and Organization Design and Reporting 7.0 Workplace Management 2.0 Jobs Position Management 3.0 Staffing Employee Integration 4.0 Total Compensation 5.0 Employee Performance Learning Develop- ment Recognition 6.0 Permanent Temporary Separation

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FIVE ELEMENTS AFFECTING THE HR VALUE PROPOSITION 4 External Realities Stakeholders HR Practices HR Resources HR Professionals

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HR ACCOUNTABILITY EVOLVES 5 1960s 1970s 1980s 1990s 2000+ ROI Methodology Predictive Analytics Big Data Analytics HR Profits Balanced Scorecard Human Capital Measures HR Benchmarking HR Economy HR Key Metrics Client Satisfaction Surveys HR Transactions HR Workload HR Audits Client Complaints/ Feedback Mechanisms

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EXTERNAL REALITIES: DEFINITION CRITERION Define – the context in which the organization exists and must function within. HR practices must reflect this context Criterion ▪ Effective HRM must recognize the external factors that impact on the organization and adapt HR practices and allocate resources accordingly 7

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STAKEHOLDERS: DEFINITION CRITERION Define – who will receiver the HR services employees management Criterion ▪ Effective HRM provides support to managers who must deliver strategic and fair people management and to build organization capability ▪ Effective HRM puts employees first 8

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HR RESOURCES: DEFINITION CRITERION Define – HR must create plans to ensure resources optimize individual efforts of HR professionals and managers. Criterion ▪ Effective HRM has a clear strategic planning process that allows the alignment of HR resources. 9

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HR PROFESSIONALISM: DEFINITION CRITERION Define – HR professionals deliver services and must demonstrate competency. Criterion ▪ Employees first mean non-performance is not within the value proposition. ▪ HRM roles and responsibilities ▪ Effective HRM ensures its HR professionals are capable 10

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HR INFRASTRUCTURE: DEFINITION CRITERION Define – What is required in terms of systems technology capital governance processes tools Criterion ▪ Effective HR invests in HR professionals processes systems and tools 11

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HR MEASUREMENT UNIVERSE Client Service Satisfaction Service Standards Engagement HR Capacity and Capability Recruitment Selection Performance Management Training Development Talent Compliance Coverage Onboarding /Offboarding Transparency Fairness 13

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CASCADING: HRM POINTS OF MEASUREMENT Strategic Tactical- Programmatic Operational 14 Enterprise-wide Business Unit HR Function

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BENEFITS OF THE PERFORMANCE FRAMEWORK S T A F F Provides clear goals and expectations which define requirements for success. Creates development plans that support and enable current performance and future growth. Provides ongoing feedback and coaching to leverage strengths and identify obstacles and opportunities for improvement. M A N A G E R S Aligns employee goals with department and unit priorities and initiatives. Provides the basis for a training plan to develop individual skills and build overall team capabilities. Provides a framework for managers to share continuous feedback and coaching throughout the year to maximize results and keep performance on track. Provides the structure guidelines and support for effective discussions about performance and development 15

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BENEFITS TO THE ORGANIZATION Provides a process for effective performance review. Ensures that EC can monitor and report in its HR and HR performance in a consistent integrated and comprehensive manner. Support EC is achieving the competencies required to fulfill it’s mandate. Nurtures a culture of performance excellence. Promotes a climate of open and candid discussions between all levels of employees. 16

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STAKEHOLDER PERFORMANCE ROLES AND ACCOUNTABILITY Stakeholder Matrix • Strategy coordination office develops matrix Expectations • Strategy coordination office solicit stakeholder input Results • Strategy coordination office facilitates HR business units to identify what’s important i.e. results • Strategy coordination office reviews information sources Verification • HR business units review confirm agreement to meet results Integration • Strategy coordination office consolidates the performance story 17

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ROLES WITHIN HR RESOURCES HR Workflow •HR business units develops/refines HR process maps according to departmental policies HR Information •HR business units identify compliance reporting requirements other existing performance indicators- inventory •Strategy coordination office checks concordance with HRMIS and Results identifies gaps •Strategy coordination office develops performance framework tool and supports disciplines in jointly populating the tool 18

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ROLES WITHIN HR PRACTICES Strategy • Strategy coordination office facilitates the HR planning process for each HR business unit HR Expertise • HR business unit expertise contributes context expertise status data identifies business needs Information Analysis • Strategy coordination office consolidates information and provides preliminary impact interpretation Integration • HR integration committee leads discussions to refine of the integrated organizational-wide HR/Business Plan 19

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FINAL PRODUCT Staffing Classification Labour Employee Relations HR Planning Diversity Health and Safety HR IT/IM Systems Compensation Talent Management Recognition 20

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