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If your car is not able to start at roadside then car battery provides you 24 hour service . we come to your location within half hour and completes our job within 15 minutes. Feel free to message anytime.


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BATTERY CAR SERVICE Car battery is the backbone of your car which enables the car to start. On average, the life of car battery lies between 2 to 3 years. The performance of car depends upon how you maintain the car battery. If your car is unable to start,there is high probability of car battery replacement.

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HOW TO MAINTAIN LIFE OF CAR BATTERY Clean the dust from battery and make corrosion free. The terminals must not be loosely connected,if the cables are loosely connected it is advisable to tighten the terminals. Don’t forget to switch off your Ac ,headlight and music system when your car is in idle condition. Baking soda is used to clean the corrosion in battery.

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During winter season, park your car in the garage which maintain the normal temperature so that it can avoid battery drain.

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BENEFITS OF USING HIGH QUALITY CAR BATTERY Car battery failures are the most frequent motoring problem. Batteries must work hard to keep things in check – especially with the cold weather just around the corner High quality car battery require less maintainance. High-quality batteries come with advanced battery technologies so the range and overall lifespan are increased.

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