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Slide 137: 

Michigan State!! She is now called “Stephanie.”

Slide 138: 

Rutgers !! Actually studying!!

Slide 139: 

BLOOMSBURG!! Loving life

Slide 140: 

West Virginia ROWAN !! Rowdy.

Slide 141: 

South Carolina Yeah, she’s a cock.

Slide 142: 

PENN STATE Is practically the president of Penn State

Slide 143: 

West Chester !! Being crazyyy

Slide 144: 

RIDER !! Still being a diva<3

Slide 145: 

IONA!! … Still doing what she normally does

Slide 146: 

West Virginia Can’t Be Tamed.

Slide 147: 

Still in BORO. =)

Slide 148: 

Hope you enjoyed the memories. Love and miss everyone of you BORO 2010 <3

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