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Technology Driven Driving : 

Technology Driven Driving Approaching Everyday Problems with Never Before Possible Solutions

Basic Innovations : 

Basic Innovations Increased computing power  Integrated, networked traffic systems GPS ubiquity

Core Function : 

Core Function The People Need: Safer Travel for Public More Efficient Traffic Flow Minimal Impact on the Environment Ability to Handle Unpredictable Traffic Ability to Monitor Traffic Remotely and Centrally Reduced Maintenance Cost on Traffic Control Devices We provide  a way to  improve everyday efficiency  with traffic.

Killer Features : 

Killer Features Features  Traffic Analysis à Dynamic Traffic Lighting            à  GPS Enabled Transmitting     à Values  Reduced emissions and higher real estate values Reduced accidents and more efficient flow Convenience for planning routes

Unique Technology Enablers : 

Unique Technology Enablers Traffic Computer Based Software GPS software linked to lighting system Manufacturing Components/Electrical System

Long Term Development Strategy : 

Long Term Development Strategy Integrate current traffic systems with our new design Servers and computers will increase in as speed as time goes by (result of Moore's Law)

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