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My School Magazine:

My School Magazine ( E nglish project) By: Pavle Lukic , Matija Vasovic , Grigorije Rankovic i Jovan Vukanovic

This is our school:

This is our school From the year 1941 to 1945 the school worked as a high school. From 1945 the school changed its name to ES “IV kraljevacki bataljon ”. In 1969 the school got the acknowledgment for teaching art . We have got many rewards since then.

Our school today :

Our school today Today our school has 1165 students in 40 classes . There are 23 teachers, 3 kindergarten teachers, 47 professors and 3 expert associates, including the principle Mari n a Vucinic . The School has 37 different classrooms. Every year competitions in all school subjects take place at our school . We always have a lot of success.

The school hall:

The school hall Our school is always nicely decorated . There are sentry students who read announcements and write the names of the people who visit the school. Kids hang up the ir paintings and craft projects in the hall under the supervision of the art teachers.

More of our arts and crafts :

More of our arts and crafts

These are some of our classrooms:

These are some of our classrooms We have classrooms for Serbian, E nglish , M aths , H istory and other subjects . The classrooms are well equip p ed with the best chairs, desks and blackboards. The classes last for 45 minutes with 5 minute break s between each class, and a 25 minute lunch break after the second class. The first class for the morning shift starts at 08:00 am and ends at 01:15 pm. The first class for the second shift starts at 01:30 pm and ends at 06: 50 pm.

Special premises:

Special premises The special premises include: the ca nteen , the teachers lounge, the amphitheater and the informatics classroom.

These are the new smartboards:

These are the new smartboards In 2013 our school bought a few smartboards . The classroom s equipped with these boards are the E nglish classroom, the P hysics classroom, the B iology classroom and many others . They can be connect ed to the I nternet and they can be used both as writing board s and computer s . All studens like them .

Thank you for watching our presentation!!!:

Thank you for watching our presentation!!!

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