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Programming Concepts, Programming Languages


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Programming Beyond LOGO : 

Programming Beyond LOGO Specifically created programming tools for learners Professional programming tools that can and are often used in school learning settings JAVA PYTHON Visual Basic.NET LOGO BOXER ALICE SCRATCH SQUEAK

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Programming Concepts Computer Programming is about translating human/natural languages (more complex) to Computer Languages (more simple)‏ Computers only speak high level or low level languages. Some “computer tongues” are not languages the are simply “scripts”

Programming Concepts (Cont’d)‏ : 

Programming Concepts (Cont’d)‏ Programming Types Linear Programming Event Driven Programming Programming Elements Branching Design Processes Problem Decomposition Stepwise Refinement Rapid Prototyping

Programming Languages : 

Programming Languages To date there have been more than 2500 programming languages Many of these are designed specifically to be used in k-12 and other learner settings Some programming language tools are distributed freely for multiple operating systems

Learning With Computers in the 21st Century : 

Learning With Computers in the 21st Century A deep understanding of programming, in particular the notions of successive decomposition as a mode of analysis and debugging of trial solutions, results in significant educational benefits in many domains of discourse, including those unrelated to computers and information technology per se. (Seymour Papert, in "Mindstorms")‏

Professional Products : 

Professional Products

Educational Programming Tools : 

Educational Programming Tools

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Select References Luehrmann, Arthur. "Computer Literacy--What Should It Be?" The Mathematics Teacher vol 74 no 9, Dec 1981. McCoy, L., P., (1996). Computer-based mathematics learning. Journal of Research on Computing in Education, 28(4), 438-460. Stager My Programming Links Other references are available in the course syllabus and on the WorldClassroom site. Ask if you need them.

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END Dr. Basiyr D. Rodney Computer Programming Languages in Education

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