The Dangers of a Wet Basement

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The Dangers of a Wet Basement :

The Dangers of a Wet Basement What You Need To Know

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For many people, the basement of a house can take an ordinary home and make it something special. A full basement fully finished will basically double the size of your living space and up the value of the home. Of course, basements also have the potential to attract moisture, which is something no homeowner wants. A wet basement may start off very small or it may come in as a flood, but either way it’s going to cause problems that you’ll need to have remedied as soon as possible. Here are some common dangers of a wet basement.

Health Dangers:

Health Dangers By now, mot people are leery of a wet basement because they know that it can cause health problems. The main culprits are mold, mildew and fungus that grow when the conditions are damp and there isn’t much in the way of air circulation. Stachybotrys , also known as ‘black mold’ is one of the most problematic as far as health is concerned. Some of the health dangers that might occur as a result of mold in wet basements include: Chronic lung infection Asthma Sinusitis Allergic reactions Eczema

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The respiratory issues that mold creates are particularly dangerous for older people and small children. If a wet basement is allowed to sit there and grow mold for any length of time, everyone in the house could be at risk. Along with black mold, experts believe that more than 50 types of indoor mold may result in health issues. It is possible to obtain at-home testing kits if you have had a wet basement and suspect you may have a mold problem. You can look online or ask at your local hardware store. It’s also possible to have professionals come in and test for mold in your basement if you don’t feel comfortable doing it yourself.

Structural Dangers:

Structural Dangers Along with having a negative effect on your health, a wet basement can also be damaging the actual structure of the house. If your basement has been affected by standing water, electrical units like air conditioning or heating equipment may be ruined or unsafe to use any longer. Any other equipment and appliances that were in contact with the water will also be affected. Any wood support beams that were subject to moisture and dampness may start to rot, as will any other wooden components and structures. Eventually, the foundation of the house might become weakened and unsafe. Cracks may form in the paint or paneling and moisture can get into foundation walls if there are any cracks or holes. You may find that there is a musty smell in your basement if it has a moisture problem. If you don’t have any obvious flooding, you should definitely look for the more subtle signs so you can have it fixed before it gets too serious.

Insect Infestation:

Insect Infestation Another issue that often comes along with a wet basement is an insect infestation. It’s no secrets that all sorts of different bugs are attracted to dark and damp spaces. And if your basement also has some cracks and gaps in the foundation, they’ll be able to get in even easier. If insects get into the basement, they’ll also have access to the rest of the house, which isn’t going to make anyone happy. Even if they don’t contribute to the deterioration of the structure, you’ll still have an insect infestation in your home.

Inability to Sell:

Inability to Sell If you are looking to sell your home and you have a problem with a wet basement, it could be on the market for a very long time. If there is mold or insects or structural damage or just water damage, your house won’t pass the inspection and it won’t sell. If there is a mold problem you might have to take it right off the market until you get it cleared up and have it inspected again. The whole process will result in tremendous expense and stress as you try to get your house in acceptable shape. Luckily, you do have options when it comes to fixing a wet basement. It’s important to have the foundation checked periodically for cracks, to keep your gutters and downspouts clear of debris and to check that your basement windows aren’t prone to leaks. If you’re already into a moisture problem, call a company that specializes in wet basements and have it taken care of so you know for sure your family and house are safe.

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