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Stress narrows a person’s ability to function effectively, think clearly, and enjoy life. It won’t stop on its own; you need to follow some stress management tips to be healthier, happier, and more productive. The stress management tips by Basil Badwan Colorado can help you sustain a balanced life, with time for work, relaxation, relationships, and fun! So, learn and practice them from now onwards.


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Have you wondered what happens if we continue burning a candle from two of its end until we reach emotional and physical exhaustion Just like a candle we risk burning ourselves too Basil Badwan Omni Resources got one more question for you — did you ever experienced something that is “just too much” to bear If yes you’re definitely not the only one. More than 55 of Americans were reported to be the most stressed-out populations in 2019. A study at the American psychological association found more people today suffer from depression stress and anxiety over there. There’s no need to worry in that. Stress is an epidemic and it wrecks a human body in different ways. It makes your immune system go haywire and hair fall out. Fortunately you don’t have to let stress hold you back anymore. Read on this write-up by Basil Badwan Omni Resources to know some facts about it how to deal with it and improve your resilience effectively. Facts about stress Knowing these facts of stress might help you prioritize your stress management. Let’s have a look – · Stress is responsible for altering our blood sugar levels which further leads to fatigue hyperglycemia mood swings and metabolic syndrome “How Does Stress Affect Us” 2016. · Stress has been referred to as the “silent killer” as it can cause heart disease high blood pressure chest pain and an irregular heartbeat Chilnick 2008.

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· Correlations have been found between stress and the top six causes of death: cancer lung ailments heart disease liver cirrhosis accidents and suicide “How Does Stress Affect Us” 2016. · Stress can increase the likelihood of developing blood clots since the blood prepares itself for injuries and becomes “stickier” Chilnick 2008. · Stress accounts for 30 of all infertility problems. In women stress can cause spasms in the fallopian tubes and uterus. In men it can reduce sperm count and cause erectile dysfunction Bouchez 2018. Stress management — what is it According to Basil Badwan Omni Resources while it may seem like there is nothing one can do about stress at home at work there are some steps one can take to relieve the stress and regain all the control back. Put simply stress management is a set of techniques intended to help people deal more effectively with stress by taking all the possible actions to minimize its effects. The key is to “Convince yourself every day that you are worthy of a good life. Let go of stress breathe. Stay positive all is well.” ― Germany Kent It does not matter what your personal definition of stress is what matters is that that you can better manage it by: · By developing the emotional resilience you’ll become better at coping with challenging situations when they happen

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· Managing external pressures effectively so that stressful events don’t seem to happen so often Stress management tips From the Memoirs of Basil Badwan Omni Resources If you have high levels of stress in your life you are putting your entire well- being at stake. It wreaks havoc on your physical health and emotional equilibrium. Stress narrows a person’s ability to function effectively think clearly and enjoy life. It won’t stop on its own you need to follow some stress management tips to be healthier happier and more productive. The following mentioned below stress management tips by Basil Badwan Colorado can help you sustain a balanced life with time for work relaxation relationships and fun So learn and practice them from now onwards. Maintain balance and follow a healthy lifestyle Meditate — It is considered to be the antidote of stress. Meditation helps the mind and body to relax and concentrate on good things. By practicing it regularly a person can develop self-compassion and see other positive perspectives. In fact the research has shown that even meditating regularly can reap great benefits. Exercise — Exercising regularly benefits your mind and body too. For quite a long we keep on hearing about the benefits of regular exercise. But doing 30 minutes of physical activity also works great and gives immediate effect in the midst of stressful time.

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Have a healthy diet — Be mindful of what you eat because well-nourished bodies are better at coping with stress. Begin your day with a healthy breakfast and keep your energy level up throughout the day. Get enough sleep — Having adequate and 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep fuels a person’s mind and body. Feeling tired all day will increase the stress and make you think irrationally. Reduce caffeine and sugar intake — The temporary highs in caffeine and sugar often end up as a crash in a person’s mood and energy. So one must reduce the intake of such things in the diet and then you’ll feel better and relaxed. Healthy thinking — Learning to think positively is a key to powerful stress management things. It allows controlling the way situations affect you and other people. Avoid cigarettes alcohol and drugs — These things may provide you with an easy escape from stress but it is only for the time being. Don’t get habitual to it and deal with problems with a clear mind. Get outside help — When you share your feelings and concerns with someone else it helps relieve stress. So make a call to a friend or consider talking with a professional or a motivational speaker who can validate and understand you. A professional motivational speaker like Basil Jerome Badwan might help you more in alleviating all your stress away. Final words –

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Follow these skills by Basil Jerome Badwan and practice them all together to manage stress and other negative health consequences. Whether you are stuck at a stressful event frazzled by your commute or annoyed from any other thing you need to manage your stress levels right away. That’s where quick stress relief comes from. Source: badwan-colorado-speaks-the-ultimate-guide-to-stress-management- 6f8483295479

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