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Some and any:

Some and any Basic 05 – Unit 3a

Slide 2:

I have some oranges I need some lemons for my pie I see some pens on the table Do we need any yogurt? Yes, we need some. Do you have any bananas? No, I don’t have any No I don have any bananas Do we need any water? No, we don’t need any. Some : affirmative sentences Any : negative sentences, questions

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How much money do you have? I don’t have much money.  How many oranges do you have? I have two oranges.  Much : Uncountable nouns Many : Countable nouns

Time to practice :

Time to practice  Complete the sentences with some or any . We need ______ bananas. You can’t buy ____ apples in this store. She always puts _____ sugar in her coffee. There are _____ onions on the table. Pam does not have ____ juice in her glass. Do you have _____ lucumas ? Are there _____ magazines on the desk? I want _____ salt for my avocado please.

Slide 5:

There is a lot of soup There is a lot of food

Slide 6:

There is some food. There isn’t much soup in the bowl.

Slide 7:

There isn’t any soup in the bowl There is a lot of cheese

Slide 8:

There are a lot of t-shirts There are a lot of apples

Slide 9:

There are some shirts There are some apples

Slide 10:

There aren’t many t-shirts There aren’t many bananas

Slide 11:

There aren’t any t-shirts

Slide 12:

There aren’t any lucumas on the table.

Slide 13:

What do we have for the fruit salad? We have_______________________

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