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Weekend activities:

Weekend activities Basic 3 unit 7b

Slide 2:

go to school

Slide 3:

do homework

Slide 4:


Slide 5:

go for a walk

Slide 6:

clean the house

Slide 7:

go grocery shopping

Slide 8:

ride bikes

Slide 9:

play cards

Slide 10:

watch a movie

Slide 11:

read a book

Slide 12:

go for a walk

Slide 13:

Go to the gym

Slide 14:

Have a BBQ

Slide 15:

Go on a date

Slide 16:

Go out with a friend

Slide 17:

Hang out / spend time with friends

Slide 18:

Go Bowling

Slide 19:

Go Dancing

Slide 20:

Go shopping

Slide 21:

Spend time with family

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