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Somalia A Nation Of Poets

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With fleeing drought and famine in Somalia in search of food and water in refugee camps in Kenya and Ethiopia, ABC News reports “A Cry for Help: Disaster in the Desert” across all broadcast and platforms. It is the worst drought the region has seen in nearly 60 years, and already it has left millions of people in desperate and dire straits . tens of thousands of people

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1,300 refugees a day, the vast majority from war-torn Somalia, are pouring into the Dadaab refugee camps in Kenya

72% of the Population has no access to healthcare:

72% of the Population has no access to healthcare Many of the roughly 750,000 people who remain in Mogadishu are the poorest of the poor, like the mother and baby sheltering under a bullet-ridden truck. Photo by Pascal Maitre National Geographic

77% of the population has no access to clean, potable water.:

77% of the population has no access to clean, potable water.

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Life Expectancy

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There are less than 20 qualified doctors per million people

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UN deputy emergency relief coordinator Catherine Bragg appealed to the international community for $1.3 billion needed urgently to save lives.

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Help Somalia Now Make a difference

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