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Working Together Embracing Change

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We work in close collaboration with members of our communities to ensure services reflect identified need

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Our strength is in being able to reach some of the most excluded and isolated members of the community.

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LAC works with and on behalf of over 2000 individuals each year.

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We work across age, gender and culture.

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We aim to enable service users to become more empowered and able to make informed decisions.

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We aim to enable service users to fully participate in their communities and make a positive contribution to wider society.

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We work to achieve understanding, awareness and respect across diverse cultures. We believe educating our children today will make a positive contribution to community cohesion for future generations.

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Inspired Confident Achieve Visionary We aim to enable children to become:

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Our programmes are designed to enable participants to develop the knowledge, skills and ability to facilitate positive and lasting change.

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We provide effective support mechanisms to enable families rebuild relationships and bridge the generational and cultural divide.

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We aim to ensure our communities can celebrate cultural heritage and embrace new opportunities.

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By working in partnership we can increase our reach and capacity to meet need.

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Volunteers enable LAC to ensure we have the capacity to deliver our services. “My life has been enriched beyond measure since I first went through their door - I have taken part in many events and activities, developed a great deal of cultural awareness and have been made to feel valued and respected as part of the LAC family”.

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Make our resources and facilities available for community members

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We are located at the heart of the community and our community is at the heart of all we do.

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Thank You from all at LAC

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