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Sales only work on approximately 11% of all sales leads. On average, between 80 and 90% of sales leads never make it to a close. Yet 45% of all Prospects buy an IT product or solution within 12 months. Did you know? Source: Oracle Corporation – 2011

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In the IT Industry, why are these problems so prevalent? “The leads were poor. At best, most were only call-backs. If there was an opportunity there at all, it was too far in the future.” “We struggled to get genuine feedback on the leads and consequently had no real way of measuring their progress.” “Even if some leads were good, salespeople were either too busy or were too disenchanted with poor leads in the past to pursue them.” Our customers describe their past experiences...

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So wouldn’t it be wonderful if the problems could be solved by a company .... that only delivers qualified opportunities ... ... that will nurture opportunities to the point of sales engagement readiness. ... and is fully engaged both with your salespeople and the end-user opportunity. ... that builds and manages your pipeline and measures progress in sales stages ... ... and tracks your opportunities through to close, delivering your R.O.I.

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a company called “ BasePlus delivers far more than could be expected from telemarketing agencies. I have deployed their services to build, maintain and manage a new business opportunity pipeline for Cisco Telepresence . We now have full visibility of the opportunities as they progress through the sales pipelines of our partner network and we are able to track and report return on investment far more accurately.” Cisco Marketing Manager More BasePlus customers >>>

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To convert YOUR investment in opportunity generation into CLOSED BUSINESS , contact BASE PLUS 01565 621987

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