Why a basement specialty contractor is better than general contractor

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It is a must read to know Why a basement specialty contractor is better than a general contractor.


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Why a basement specialty contractor is better than a general contractor Do you have an empty basement that you would like to turn into a family room kid’s play area or an entertainment/games room Regardless of what you want to convert your basement into you will likely require the services of a contractor. This can be a grey area for most homeowners as most of you are unsure about whether to hire a general contractor or a basement specialty contractor to complete the basement renovation Calgary project. It is important to note that a General Contractor is NOT the same as a Specialty Contractor although the two titles do get interchanged quite frequently. A General Contractor does not specialize in any particular niche in construction. They do general construction with tasks such as roofing siding windows doors kitchens bathroom basements and commercial renovation projects. They do not take the time to specialize in the finer details of a specific area. A basement specialty contractor such as Basements Beyond provides a wide range of specialized services targeting your basement needs. These services do include design consultation preparing 2D drawings and 3D drawings if needed custom built-ins such as niches hidden doorways custom

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woodworking walk-in closets wine rooms entertainment centers and most importantly moisture/ damp proofing. Hiring a General contractor that does only 3-5 basements a year and then does roofing siding or whatever other work they can find just to keep busy they rest of the year may not know enough to protect the investment you are considering At Basements and Beyond all our basement remodels are designed and adapted for the subterranean aspects of your basement. Both a general contractor and a basement specialty contractor may sound the same and some of their tasks and function may also be quite similar but if you want specialized work done such as a basement renovation you’re better off hiring a basement specialty contractor like Basement and Beyond Renovations Inc. over a general contractor. Here’s why: General contractors and specialty contractors will both oversee your renovation projects The general contractor is hired by a homeowner to carry out “general” construction tasks related to the home such as installing windows remodeling a kitchen painting etc. There are two types of general contractors: The first type has employees that are not always qualified to do the work in your home. What we mean by that is that the general contractor may have a framer working on his staff and because he currently has no framing work for the framer to do this week the framer is now your painter or drywaller. This can lead to subpar quality of the project you thought you were paying good money to have done. The second type of general contractor is given the responsibility of hiring subcontractors that typically know more about the work that needs to be done than the general contractor does leaving the general contractor to just oversee the entire project. For example if you are planning to remodel your kitchen you will need flooring installers plumbers countertop specialists cabinet installers and electricians to perform their respective specialized tasks. All of these types of workers will come into play at specific times during the project. They will need to be coordinated and managed which is entrusted to a general contractor. General contractors are just that “general” they haven’t had enough training or experience to become a “specialist” in any given aspect of your home. A specialty contractor like Basement and Beyond Renovations Inc on the other hand is an interior renovation specialist who performs specialized construction tasks related to basements. Such as dampproofing when we meet with you we will do a thermal imaging of your basement foundation walls to ensure that there are no cracks and or water issues that should be dealt with prior to work starting. We use tradesmen that have appropriate training licensing and insurance coverage. In the case of a basement renovation for example you’re

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better off hiring a basement specialty contractor because we are professionals who are trained in this area of expertise. These individuals typically also have experience doing basement design Calgary and will be thoroughly familiar with the ins and outs of the job. At Basements and Beyond you will be dealing with someone that has completed over 240+ basement remodels over the last 11 years. While it is true that you can hire a “general contractor ” to carry out basic basement remodeling work that individual will not be skilled or qualified enough to conduct a professional basement renovation Calgary. Both types of contractors require licenses A general contractor and specialty basement contractors Calgary require licenses to work. A general contractor may hire a painter to conduct the painting of the room but may also utilize this individual’s services for other areas of construction such as dry walling or plumbing. The individual won’t necessarily have the training required to carry out other construction jobs. When looking at basement renovations the general contractor may carry out the renovation even though they might not have the required license skills or experience to carry out this kind of work. Therefore it is absolutely vital that you go over the contract with a fine toothed comb before signing on the dotted line.In cases such as these homeowners need to beware of contractors who are unlicensed. They may do a poor job in your basement and leave you high and dry. If you pursue legal action against your contractor the only recourse for you would be to pursue a civil lawsuit which is time consuming. Basement and Beyond Renovations Inc is a basement specialty contractor with specialized skills expertise and training to deal with problems and challenges related to basement renovations. These professionals are fully aware of the special circumstances that underlie the basement work and are therefore skilled and knowledgeable about what types of solutions to implement. Asking a basement renovation expert to fix a leaky roof would be inappropriate. Similarly asking a general contractor to carry out specialized renovation work in the basement is not the best solution. Basement specialty contractors have more service options than a general contractor In general a person or company that specializes in basement renovations will have a broader range of options available for you. For example basements are generally prone to moisture and dampness and the problems that arise with such conditions such as rot mold and mildew. A basement specialty contractor would have knowledge of specialized knowledge of products that are designed to combat moisture issues. We know and use products that will minimize moisture and mold. We will also advise you on how to maintain your basement so that it lasts for a long time.

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A basement specialty contractor will likely have more design options Basement remodeling contractors Calgary knows the ins and outs of basement floor plans which fixtures and flooring would work well what type of lighting to use etc. As a result they will be able to provide you with better guidance to your design than a general contractor. If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind basement design then hiring a Basements and Beyond is the way to go. If you’re looking to remodel your basement it is best to hire a basement specialty contractor like Basements Beyond. This will ensure that you will get a finished basement that reflects high quality workmanship professionalism and durability you expect.

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