Four Myths about Fixed Wireless Broadband


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The demand for wireless broadband connections in Australia is increasing every year. In 2012 there were 5.9 million


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Four Myths about Fixed Wireless Broadband :

Four Myths about Fixed Wireless Broadband

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The demand for wireless broadband connections in Australia is increasing every year. In 2012 there were 5.9 million wireless broadband connections in the country, an increase of seven percent since 2011. Wireless broadband was the most prevalent internet technology, representing forty-nine percent of all connections in the country. In all the major cities, demand for good wireless broadband is increasing in Adelaide, Sydney, Perth, etc. However, some people are still not sold on wireless broadband service. This is a bad attitude to have since fixed wireless broadband is the most viable way of ensuring that everyone can have access to high quality internet connections. With that in mind, here are five myths that you might see about fixed wireless broadband that need to be dispelled . Myth #1: Fixed wireless broadband is less reliable than wired internet connections

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This is just plain false. Wireless broadband service is almost always at par with wired internet connections in terms of reliability. When the positive factors of fixed wireless broadband, such as lower costs, greater flexibility, and fast deployment, are considered, it becomes clear that wireless is just as reliable and effective as wired connections . Myth #2: Wired connections are faster than fixed wireless connections Fixed wireless broadband is just as fast as wired connections. Assuming there are no buildings or obstructions in the way of the transmitters, then the wireless connection will be able to match the speed of any wired connection. Fixed wireless connections can also reach high speeds at a fraction of the cost and effort, since you do not need to buy expensive cables, and very little infrastructure has to be installed.

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Myth #3: Fixed wireless is fine for rural areas, but does not work in urban areas Fixed wireless broadband is, in many ways, perfect for urban environments. In cities it is much easier to install the infrastructure for wireless internet than the infrastructure for traditional wired internet. In order to install the infrastructure for wired internet, streets have to be torn up and costly cables should be installed. The process for setting up wireless broadband service in an urban area is much easier by comparison. Not to mention that fixed wireless is much cheaper than wired connections, and this will definitely appeal to people in cities.

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Myth #4: Wireless connections are more vulnerable to the elements Due to great strides in technology fixed wireless broadband infrastructure is easily able to stand up to wind, rain, hail, etc. Obviously, no connection, wireless or not, is completely safe from the elements, but as far as reliability goes, you can count on your fixed wireless connection to keep working through all sorts of weather.

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