How to Improve Your Writing Skills

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1. Brush up on the basic principles of writing grammar and spelling. 2. Write like it’s your job and practice regularly. 3. Read more so you develop an eye for what effective writing looks like. 4. Find a partner. Ask them to read your writing and provide feedback. 5. Join a workshop meetup or take a writing night class. 6. Take the time to analyze writing you admire. 7. Imitate writers you admire. 8. Outline your writing. 9. Edit your writing. 10. Accept that first drafts are often bad and revise. 11. Find an editor who demonstrates patience. 12. Eliminate unnecessary words from your writing. 13. Review your earlier work and see how you’ve grown. 14. Don’t be afraid to say what you mean in what you write. 15. Make sure you do adequate research on your topic. 16. Don’t delay writing. Get it done now.

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