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Learn about the high interest saving account which is ISA, who is eligible to invest in ISA, rules of transfer, what the charges if you transfer your cash ISA to another provider. It is best investment and saving opportunity that allow you earn more interest which tax- free.


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HIGH INTEREST SAVING ACCOUNT-ISAs Presented By:- Barringtonhowe

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What is an Individual Savings Account?   An ISA is an Individual Savings Account. It is a way to save or invest your money without any tax . If you're starting to think about saving or investing, ISAs could be a good place to begin . It’s a way of setting up an account or investment so it can benefit from certain tax breaks. WHAT IS ISA?

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WHO IS ELIGIBLE TO INVEST IN ISA…. You want to earn tax-free interest on your cash savings You are a UK resident for tax purposes You are aged 16 or over (junior ISAs are also available)

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Rules Cash ISA Transfers Buying your first home :- The property costs £450,000 or less Term Agreement :- They’ll pay a 25% withdrawal charge to use ISA saving if they have a legal interest in property Saving for later life :- withdraw the money for owt else and you pay a penalty  Returns :- 9.85 % per annum, payable annually

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Charges…… If you withdraw early from a fixed-term account there might be charges. Your provider might charge penalties and fees if you transfer your Cash ISA to another provider

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Your money will grow tax-free You can only pay into one cash ISA ISA withdrawal rules have changed ISAs offer free money for first-time buyers ADVANTAGES OF ISA

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Take Advantage of this tax-year’s tax free allowance Address:- Suite 163, 2 Lansdowne Row, Berkeley Square, Mayfair, London, W1J6HL United Kingdom Phone:- +44 0203 0268820 Email Id :- Barrington Howe

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