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Learn about what is fixed rate bond, what are its pros and cons, which investment comes under fixed rate bonds. Also learn various investment rates, minimum investment, times interval of investment which comes under fixed rate bonds.


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Fixed Rate Bonds Barringtonhowe

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What is Fixed Rate Bond? A fixed rate bond is a type of savings account which lasts for a set period of time, which the interest you earn does not change–even if the Bank of England base rate does. Under fixed rate bonds, the investor know how much interest he earn and for how long.

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Advantage….. Fixing your loan ensures repayment do not change for a set period of time. You can certain a low rate for a fixed term even if rates rise steeply. Fixed rate bond difference between someone paying off their debt or getting swept up into cycle of never ending debt.

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Disadvantage… Fixed rate bond won't benefit from falling rates . you miss out on the lower repayments that a variable rates can bring. Fixed rate bond most home will enable the option of splitting your loan so that it is part variable , part fixed. Loan can be split to varying degrees , but it common are 50 par cent variable and 50 per cent fixed. Restriction on making the additional payment.

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Types Of Fixed Rate Bond.. Peer to Peer leading investment bond. Medium team note investment EMTN. US property fixed rate bonds. Colonial C apital 1 year bond. London Property Investment Bond.

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Bonds/ Investment Fixed Rate Term Minimum Investment Return Paid Peer-Peer L ending Investment 9.85% per annum 5 year Agreement  £10,000  QUARTERLY Medium Term Note (EMTN) Loan Note 9.85% (Medium Note) 12-14% (Loan Note) 5 Year Agreement £100,000  ANNUALLY US Property Investment 12 % per annum 3 Year  £10,000 Every 6 Month Colonial Capital 8% per annum 1 Year £5000 ANNUALLY

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