Writing project for transitional to fluent writers

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Using student coursebook as a writing model, students use found objects to create a mystery story. Grammar and spelling are fixed last in order to encourage students to revise for meaning.


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Students choose five objects and build a mystery story incorporating them. Writing Project for Transitional to Fluent Writers

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Students answer: Who ? What? Why? Where ? How ?

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Mr. Jack is school teacher. He like to take picture. He have memory card. What kind of the picture in the memory card? Why clock stop and why keys are two? He have only one key maby he has secret. Where is the new tape and where is the student phone? How to try that tape and phone. He have many secret. But I found he secret. (first draft) Focus on meaning and organization first (save grammar & spelling for last)

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Organize the story into beginning, middle and end, and expand with details as necessary.

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Finally, focus on the grammar and spelling.

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After a LOT of writing and working with a story … the reward!

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toondoo.com Students turn their completed story into a comic strip

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